Raise High our Voice for Clean Energy Now — Support the President’s Plan

No time to quote Shakespeare or others. No time to act like Socrates (or Plato as it were who wrote as if he were Socrates. Now that is something to ponder. We really do not know who Socrates was except for what his students had to say about him. No time for me to wonder down that path either. Besides, Shakespeare is so much easier — one can say what one wants and simply chalk it up to a Bard’s meanderings, sigh.) and write something in the hopes of causing one to re-examine his or her beliefs and whether they are valid.

So here goes … We depleted our manufacturing job sector and sent it out of our country — especially during the last eight years. Those jobs are not coming back. The unemployment rate keeps rising. Wind power is one of the answers to these problems.

I am not one to yell “FIRE in a crowded theater. There are, however, certain key issues that one must do so. While some members of Congress are yelling “FIRE” about the President’s plan on energy (and just about anything else — to the point of ad nauseum — that the President says or does), China gets it.

In a recent article posted online at Center for American Progress, entitled, “We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind: A Primer on Global Competition in Green Technology Investments,” Ben Furnas talks about our commitment and lack there of:

China’s leaders are investing $12.6 million every hour to green their economy. Other countries are equally enenergetic in their embrace of alternative energy technologies; they are setting targets and investing billions of dollars to spur the development of entirely new markets in wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, energy efficiency, high-speed rail, and other clean and innovative solutions to global warming.

(Picture: Source: AP/Xinhua, Li Rui. Wind power turbines at a wind power plant in Ulanqab, which is north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The United States, too, is poised to transform its economy to create millions of new jobs and help create a cleaner, safer planet by investing in a green, renewable-energy based economy. The Obama administration wants to unleash the ingenuity of our private sector to rein in pollution and put millions of Americans back to work. … full text

The article, while quite progressive in it’s approach, is a must read as it provides the facts — something that seems to be missing on the other side of the Congressional aisle. And when it comes to energy, the nay-sayers seem to be infecting both sides! It certainly says why we must support the President’s plan.

Time to call Congress. Time to write letters. Time to join me in blogging and let the voice of the people be loud and clear.

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