G’s Polls. Mertens leads Senate race, and Lamont leads Gubernatorial Race.

NOV 20, 2009:  Poll numbers have changed significantly this week — and lots of commentary too — for Connecticut’s Senate Race in 2010.  John Mertens leads Sen. Dodd by 14 points at 52 to 35.

GroundUPCT’s poll for CT governor shows Lamont continuing to lead 32 points ahead at 54% to Bysiewicz at 22% and Malloy at 17%.

Pundits, especially outside of Connecticut, have talked about polls showing Sen. Lieberman with favorable ratings.  GroundUPCT viewers seemed to differ.  When asked what should Senate Democrats do if Lieberman filibusters health reform with Republicans, 69% said oust him from the Democrat Caucus and strip him of his leadership.  See more results below.

CT Senate Race 2010 Poll Results:

John Mertens (CFL) College Professor, Mechanical Engineer & Progressive Activist 52%

Christopher Dodd (D) US Senator 35%

9 other candidates are less than 4%

2010 Gubernatorial Race: Which one will you vote for?

Ned Lamont (D) Businessman, Ex-State Pension Board Member, Ex-Greenwich Selectman & ’06 US Sen. Nominee 54%

Susan Bysiewicz (D) Secretary of State, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney 22%

Dan Malloy (D) Stamford Mayor 17%

4 other candidates are less than 4%

What should Democrats do if Sen. Lieberman filibusters health reform bill in the Senate?

Democrats should oust him from the Democrat Caucus and strip him of his leadership. 69%

Democrats should let Sen. Lieberman continue to caucus with them but strip him of his leadership. 19%

Democrats should try again to work with Sen. Lieberman to bring him on their side. 13%

Joe Lieberman 2012. Lieberman stated this week, “I haven’t changed my thoughts about 2012, which is, I’m keeping all my options open.”

No. I would not vote for Joe Lieberman no matter what party he is a part of. 28%

No. Democrats should not welcome Joe Lieberman back into the party and not support his run for Congress in 2012. 22%

No. I do not trust Joe Lieberman. 22%

I think Joe Lieberman is out of touch with Connecticut citizens. 21%

Undecided 6%

Should we vote for a bill that includes the Stupak Amendment or its equivalent?

No 87%

Yes 7%

Undecided 7%

Health Reform: Will you vote for a Congressperson in the next election if he or she votes no on the public option?

No 79%

Yes 10%

Rest Undecided

Do you think September 11th suspects should be tried in New York City?

Yes. 80%

No. I think it will jeopardize our security. 20%

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  1. Ron Weber

    How much will the monthly premium be for this coercive government insurance?

  2. Ron Weber

    Does anybody know what the premium will be for this coercive government insurance?

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