Open Letter from Mothers Opposing McMahon for US Senate (and for Good Reason)

The following is an open letter opposing Linda McMahon’s candidacy for US Senate representing Connecticut. Watch the video and you’ll understand why.

An Open Letter:

As mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters, we are compelled to voice our strong opposition to the candidacy of former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Senate. (Note: the following video below is explicit and disgusting.)

As Mothers Opposing McMahon, we know you don’t have to be a mom- or even a woman- to recognize that what Linda McMahon has been marketing, especially to kids, is appalling and unacceptable.  She is on her way to spending $50 million in an attempt to buy this election, money earned marketing extremely violent, sexually explicit content – featuring abusive, degrading treatment of women. This open letter is an invitation to women – to other moms, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters – and to every citizen of Connecticut, to join us in sharing the truth about Linda McMahon to make clear she should not represent us in the U.S. Senate.

There is a real price paid for what Linda McMahon calls “soap opera” by wrestlers who sustain terrible injuries in the ring, some even killed by an environment a Congressional investigation said encouraged steroid and illegal drug abuse. She earned her millions putting her workers at risk, and failing to provide health insurance or other disability benefits. The candidate now promising to create jobs laid off ten percent of her workforce to protect her personal profits.

Please share the short but explicit video we’ve attached and the truth about Linda McMahon with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  We do not believe this video is appropriate for children, though Linda McMahon originally created, broadcast, and marketed its content to children.  This is what she has been selling:

  • Female wrestlers, forced to strip to their underwear, then beaten, kicked, and dragged around by their hair in the ring, before being throw on top of each other like trash;
  • Females wrestlers forced to bark like dogs, strip, and touch each other, while being screamed at and insulted by jeering crowds yelling “slut” and other words that can’t be printed here;
  • Wrestlers beating their opponents with folding chairs – some wrapped in barbed wire – and smashing glass pitchers over their opponents’ heads

Join us on Facebook at, and invite others to join us, too, to show your support for this open letter and to make sure Connecticut moms – and everyone else in Connecticut who cares about our kids and thinks women should be treated with respect–knows the truth about Linda McMahon and why she’s the wrong choice for U.S. Senate.

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  1. cestnikv

    poglejte si tole Orbitreki

  2. pajo

    I agree with the Mothers Opposing McMahon group 100%.

    Linda McMahon has recently claimed the WWE is a “soap opera” and not real?

    1. BLOOD MONEY! So the Benoit family tragedy wasn’t real, McMahon?
    2. So the signature pharmacy steroid scandal wasn’t real, McMahon?
    3. BLOOD MONEY! So the many WWE superstars who died young due to drug and painkiller addictions developed while working through injuries FOR YOUR COMPANY weren’t real, McMahon?
    4. So the concussions sustained by several WWE superstars (and a certain psychotic murderer) weren’t real then, McMahon?
    5. So the “future endeavors” you wished on many aspiring superstars who were “too small” and “could never make it” unless they “BULKED UP” and “WORKED HURT” weren’t real, McMahon?
    6. So the TV-G rating you encourage the WWE to use to COVER UP its past misdeeds (at ANY COST) while you try to steal a Senate seat isn’t real, McMahon?
    7. Just HOW MANY skeletons do YOU have in your closet, McMahon?

    McMahon will never truthfully answer these questions to the public.

    As one blogger put it, “The WWE was nothing but a vile organization that did not produce “soap operas”, but sadomasochistic and misogynist garbage that was, quite simply, obscene.” Imagine the message sent to thousands of young, impressionable male fans that it was OK to sexually degrade women with such impunity.

    And to Chris Healy (CT Republican Party Chairman whose wife is on the Linda McMahon payroll) and Ed Patru (Linda McMahon’s attorney)…it’s not an old story, it’s about character, and CT voters do care…Linda McMahon bought Healy out…I hope Peter Schiff destroys McMahon in the August primary and completely embarrasses Healy.

    McMahon is an insult to any intelligent CT voter and to any Republican who cherishes family values…I would rather vote for Frankenstein than her.

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