GOP “Just Say No” Puts Americans at Risk and Silences Us all

Once again, the GOP in Washington has taken an unprecedented stance that negatively impacts the American people. This time, their “just say no” political maneuver is threatening our national security.

For months, we have heard the GOP rail against the President and everyone else in Washington who do not have the same political view as theirs for not doing something substantive about illegal immigration. Once again, the GOP had the opportunity to at least have a debate on a viable bill and come to the table in the spirit of unity to address the complex issues surrounding immigration with the DREAM Act measures. The GOP’s action? Just say no to even having a discussion. Meanwhile, the GOP obviously has no issue with undocumented youth joining our military and laying down their lives for the sake of American citizen’s security and freedom. That’s not good governance. That’s not even good politics. That’s un-American.

For too long, we have been exposed to some bitter name-calling and attacks steeped in homophobia and bigotry from the GOP on the issue of “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.” Once again, the GOP is willing to allow, and this time American citizens, to lay their lives down on the battlefield of war for the sake of our national security, but then dishonor that sacrifice because of their bigotry. Yesterday’s vote would have taken a bold step in he right direction but the GOP would not even allow for a debate on the bill. That’s not good governance. That’s not even good politics. That’s un-American.

Whatever happened to “America, the Melting Pot?”

When we vote for someone to represent us, we expect them to go to Washington in the spirit of uniting together as Americans and do what is best for the people. Part of that process is the debate on the floor of the House and Senate. It is as if the GOP wants to turn our country into a dictatorship, not even allowing the process which the founding fathers of this country fought so dearly for, to take place. It is as if the GOP is turning from a legitimate political party that seeks to serve the people into one that will do all it can to destroy the fabric of our country.

Whether one is a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarian or any other party member, that should not matter on the floor of Congress. It is the diversity of thought from each of these parties that makes us a great nation.

The GOP’s continued disruption of our government is shameful and will, no doubt, end up being an unfortunate stain in the history of our great nation.

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