We’re all Human, First.

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Yesterday’s One Nation Working Together’s rally has garnered an array of tags and labels. All over the airways and the Internet what we hear is “the liberals got together …” or “leftists” or “unions from all over the country …” and even “massive church rally consisting of liberals and unions.” So just who were all those people stretching out for miles past the Lincoln memorial?

No one will dare to venture a definitive guesstimate, yet, as to how many people actually attended the rally. Everyone agrees that “tens of thousands” gathered (more like several million).

Were the people socialists or liberals, or union members, or clergy and their congregations, or progressives? Definitely not anything that Glenn Beck spewed out on his regularly televised, sanity meltdown show. Human beings. People. That’s who attended yesterday’s march. Ordinary people, seeking to realize the American dream. People who simply ask in exchange for an honest day’s work, an honest paycheck; regardless of their race, gender or age. There were other issues that were united together under one them, Americans working together for the sake of each other. One Nation is about unity and our basic humanity. It is not what divides us, but rather what brings us together. And one other issue that resonated throughout, respect for one another and respect for our nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

I was amazed to hear commentators use some tense of the word “surprise” because there was so much emphasis placed on education. Free, public education is the global cornerstone of freedom. Historically, it is through ignorance of the people that dictators come into power. It is through ignorance that people are swayed to follow religious zealots whose brand of religion is nothing more than “snake oil” wrapped in hate and bigotry. It is through ignorance that people embrace hate and bigotry as a means of living.

Clearly, yesterday was a reawakening of the American spirit to make this country whole again, allowing it to heal, grow and thrive. Thank you to everyone involved.

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