Assange. A Mix of Stupidity and Arrogance.

There is always going to be some idiot who will conduct him or herself in a stupid way that ends up adversely impacting those around them. Lasange goes far beyond that point. His actions have caused our State Department to seriously consider reshuffling certain diplomats’ and military officers’ to ensure their safety after the Wikileaks publicly posting diplomat cables. At a recent press conference, US attorney general Holder stated that:

“The lives of people who work for the American people have been put at risk. The American people themselves have been put at risk by these actions that I believe are arrogant, misguided and ultimately not helpful in any way. We are doing everything that we can.” … Asked if he might mount a prosecution under the Espionage Act, Holder said: “That is certainly something that might play a role, but there are other statutes, other tools at our disposal.” [….]

No doubt, stupidity and arrogance go hand in hand. Assange’s legal counsel should try putting on a better “poker face” when it comes to their client’s actions. I find it distasteful for his lawyer to claim that Assange’s most recent threat of releasing even more sensitive documents as “insurance” because of Holder’s announcement of eminent prosecution.  How could Assange possibly expect anything less when you place people’s lives at risk.

Its one thing to release documents that are embarrassing because of off the cuff remarks. It is entirely another situation when you post information that compromises people’s safety. Assange needs to check into reality fast. This isn’t some cyber game, this is real.

US: WikiLeaks release gives hit list to al-Qaida

Wikileaks cables: US looks to prosecute Julian Assange

US says leaks are a crime, threatens prosecution

WIKILEAKS ‘ATTACK’: U.S. says leaks are a crime, threatens prosecution

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  1. Hugh Ben Hadd

    I don’t call giving OUR money to OUR enemies, working for the American people–
    The majority of these covert operations are to enhance the coffers of the elitists —
    The sheeple have not a clue !!!!!!!

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