Pres. Obama Visits Miami Central High where Ed. is Winning the Future

President Obama at Miami's Central High | Photo by Monsivais/AP

Imagine having the nation’s President visit your high school! Students at Miami, Florida’s Central High got that chance on Friday, March 4th when President Obama toured Central High together with former Florida governor, Jeb Bush and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The school received over $750,000 in federal School Grants for Improvements it was in dire need of. The funds allowed the school to carry out a complete transformation that is yielding dramatic results: “a 40-point increase in writing achievement, a 60-point increase in math, and almost doubling its graduation rate.” [….]

President Obama shared with the students the economic recovery the country is experiencing now:

We are at a pivotal turning point. We just came through a tough recession that’s taken a big toll on families here in Florida and all across the country. And to accelerate our recovery in the short-term we took some essential steps to spur hiring and economic growth, including tax cuts that are making Americans’ paychecks bigger and letting businesses write off their investments –- and I am proud — I’m proud that Republicans and Democrats came together to get that done. [….]

Noting that the unemployment rate continues to decline (8.9 percent for January 2011) and the private sector has added 222,000 jobs, President Obama stated added “That’s the 12th straight month of private sector job growth. So our economy has now added 1.5 million private sector jobs over the last year. And that’s progress.”

The President closed his speech with his commitment to work together with Republicans and Democrats to “lift up all of our schools … prepare students like you for a 21st century economy….To give every child in America a chance to make the most of their … potential.” [Speech full text.]

This is the President’s eighth visit to Florida. The state has been hit hard by a sagging economy, experiencing heavy job losses and more. Joining together with former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sec. Duncan sends a clear message to the rest of us that the only way we can meet our collective goal of winning the future is doing it together. The President’s commitment to investing in fixing the education as part and parcel of fixing the economy is the kind of spend smart/cut smart leadership that America needs to win.

Remarks by the President at Miami Central High School in Miami, Florida | White House
“I’m Not Willing to Give Up on Any Child In America:” The President’s Trip to Miami Central High School | White House
Education | White House
Winning for the Future | President Obama’s Budget Plan

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