Update: GOP Multitasking: Shutdown government, defund anything liberal and bust unions. (via GroundUp)

By now, we’ve all heard or read the news that on Tuesday, “the Obama administration rejected a short-term House Republican demand to cut $12 billion now in exchange for keeping the government open for one more week.” [….]

Why? Because Republicans’ version of budget cuts is gut government and anything else that looks even remotely liberal. This is a culture war and, like union-busting, it has nothing to do with balancing a budget and protecting American citizens.

Like the battle over health care, Republicans supported their donors. In this case, Republicans want to cut vital programs that include Medicare, Medicaid and that program that is working well, just humming along, not adding a nickel to the deficit, Social Security. At the same time, the unveiled a plan today to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy. That’s their way of dealing with America’s budget. Rob from the poor and give to the rich.

“Republicans’ budget chairman set forth a longer-range blueprint defining a new era of profoundly smaller government and steep tax cuts for corporations and individuals.” Don’t get excited. The GOP is noting talking about you and me; their definition of “individuals” is more like the Koch brothers.

What the GOP won’t say is that there was a “deal” in place that House Speaker Boehner initially agreed to and was comfortable with. But when he was shot down by Tea Party members. “A deal with $33 billion in spending cuts is right there for the taking,” Mr. Schumer said in an e-mail. “But the House leadership will need to stand up to the Tea Party.” Democrats also denounced the Republicans’ long-term proposal.”

It’s obvious what’s happening here. If the GOP’s party base, the Tea Party, can’t get the cuts they want, they’ll force a government shutdown costing havoc to hundreds of thousands of American workers.

Along with union-busting bills, birther bills, and defunding critical agencies, services and programs, there’s a steady march by some Republicans, including potential GOP presidential candidate former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), to force a government shut-down if they don’t get their way on budget cuts. Despite the House GOP leaderships’ denial that the GOP is seeking a shut … Read More

via GroundUp

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