The New Republican Right and the loss of Civility

Gov. Scott Walker (R) Wisconsin

Since Republicans have taken control of the US House, along with doing the same in some states, civility seems to have been tossed out the window. There’s no civility among the far-right. There’s no sense of hope; only gloom and doom. Its their way or the highway; an all or nothing tactic that is destroying previously amicable relationships between government and unions.

For Wisconsin, this is particularly true. Here’s a state that up until Gov. Scott Walker came into office, unions and the state government were able to work things out. But the face of the new right is not about negotiation or working together for the benefit of all.

The new right of the GOP sparked battles where there were none, pitting neighbor against neighbor in a way that divides us.  This article in Wisconsin’s Leader Telegram says it all:

The Republican Party has filed a public information request to obtain emails from a University of Wisconsin professor who has written critically about the conduct of Gov. Scott Walker. The GOP accuses Senate Democrats of abdicating their responsibilities by fleeing the state to try to prevent a vote.

Unions are threatening boycotts of businesses that don’t display signs saying they support workers.

National groups poured money into a previously obscure state Supreme Court election that occurred Tuesday, in which the Republican incumbent was suddenly threatened by resurgent Democrats who believe that swinging the court majority to their ideology would give them an edge when Walker’s law inevitably is challenged before the high court.

The state was abruptly flooded last month with ads supporting Justice David Prosser. Even Sarah Palin entered the fray, urging Wisconsinites via Twitter to “please remember to vote for Justice Prosser on April 5.”


Collective bargaining law curbs once-collegial political attitudes – Leader-Telegram: Daily Updates.

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  1. The hysteria demonstrated by the fleeing senators hailed as heroic AWOL action makes this great political theater. The demonstrators lacked originality, hygeiene, and better slogans in Madison. It was great that we as tax payers subsidized the teachers on the picket lines. They claimed sick leave, doctors forged their excuse, and we paid them and got substitute teachers as well! The children got special extra credit from the slacker teachers picketing to hold cute stupid signs the kids didn’t understand. Anyway, more union millions will be entering the state for the 2012 presidential election. That should be a lot of fun! And congratulations to Kloppenberg who claimed her seat on the Supreme Court!

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Words matter.

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