Wisconsin to Palin. Go Home and Take Walker with You.

For the duration of Sarah Palin’s speech in Wisconsin yesterday, thousands of protesters, who far outnumbered Tea Party and Republicans, made as much noise as they possibly could to drown out her speech. Did Palin actually believe that she could gain any traction in a state that brought out thousands upon thousands of American workers fighting for the American dream?

Maybe Palin thought her presence would help the three lawmakers and counting that Wisconsin citizens have united in signing petitions for their recall.

There was a time when Palin could draw crowds; that time has come and gone. What Palin and the GOP don’t get is that Americans will not support those who tread on their dreams and basic needs. Moreover, the current budget plan that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) put together is one that actually hurts the GOP base and they are figuring that out.

Vouchers will not help the disabled, the poor or the elderly. Killing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security at a time when we have the largest baby boomer population — when our population is aging — is a fool’s folly. Besides, who are the primary voters – seniors and the baby boomers.

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  1. It’s great to see citizens involved in Wisconsin captial Madison. Don’t think any dialogue took place between the different groups. Did notice those protesting the TEA folk were angry and didn’t have any happy faces. Get used to being upset because the TEA folk are the majority in our USA. We welcome a dialogue, but don’t demagogue. The Wisconsin senators hiding in Illinois made me embaressed to live in Wisconsin. Drinking Illinois beer and Chicago pizzza doesn’t seem to support the Wisconsin state.

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