Speaker Boehner does what we thought he would do all along – cave into Tea Party demands..

House Speaker John Boehner says today he’s talking about jobs — NOT. He says he put revenues on the table and yet there isn’t anything in his current bill that remotely resembles revenues. It’s just more show, albeit a little more frustrated, with Boehner as the centerpiece. Boehner did the predictable, cave into Tea Party unrealistic demands. Namely, pass a bill that is pure insanity that includes a constitutional amendment as part of raising the debt ceiling. Rep. John McCain put it best (the first time):

Boehner has no control over his party. And since Republicans got rid of the bag of chits, there’s no holding anyone’s feet to the fire when it comes time to do what — make a deal.

What we have witnessed is more proof that the Tea Party has absolutely no idea what it means to govern a country and Boehner needs to grow a couple.  What a colossal waste of taxpayer money and time. All the hype, the scare tactics, it was just for show. This isn’t a crap shoot, it’s the government of the richest and most powerful/developed nation in the world.

Republicans need to do some reading over the weekend, namely, Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” that’s about a failed artificial life experiment that produced a monster. Hobbits aside, that’s what the Tea Party is, an artificial political party that has turned into a real-life monster for the American people.

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