Ron Christie re: OWS, “I feel your pain. I know where you’re coming from, but go get a job.

Republican Strategist Ron Christie

Republican strategist Ron Christie, appears on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight and characterizes the participants of Occupy Wall Street as college students who are having sex on the lawn, taking drugs, urinating on the lawn and more. Then he said about the protestors in general, “I feel your pain I know where you’re coming from, but go get a job.”

After you get over the initial shock of his statement, what do we have? Christie, who was asked by Matthews to give his feeling about seeing the OWS rallies, is repeating the current Republican mantra about Occupy Wall Street in an effort to demonize the movement. Did Christie offer any first hand knowledge of the accusations that he made? If it was as he claimed, he should have said something like, “I saw young people having sex on the lawn,” or “I saw young people shooting up drugs or snorting drugs or urinating on the lawn.” He never said what he actually saw. Besides, there are no lawns on Wall Street; it’s all concrete.

Christie simply made an inflammatory statement with no tangible or visible proof, no news footage or reports verifying his statement to deliberately misinform a national audience. We’re supposed to believe him because he is a former staff member of former Vice President Cheney (not to say that should be any big endorsement), wrote a couple of books, is an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Haverford College, and he appears on various news shows to add a conservative point of view. We’re supposed to say to ourselves, “That’s an impressive background and he’s always on the news shows so what he said must be true.”

There have been a few reports of people mingling with protestors who are less than admirable and are most likely there for all the wrong reasons. While I can’t speak for OWS rallies nationwide, but speaking about New York, those folks would be there whether there is a protest going on or not. Do they represent OWS? No. Remember, it’s a political pundit taking the negative comments of other conservatives and repeating it as gospel in order to mislead us, using a tired Republican axiom, if you repeat a lie over and over, it will become the truth. The answer to that axiom is repeat the truth of the matter over and over to debunk the lie.

Then I heard Christie go after Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on comments she made about Tea Party rallies in front of the Capital last year when a Tea Party member spat on a member of Congress. Christie said he was at that rally and saw no one get spat on, calling upon Leader Pelosi to offer up proof of same if she had any.

Well, just because he did not see the incident does not mean it didn’t happen. As for proof, there is news footage of the incident Congresswoman Pelosi spoke of, as well as news articles about it and a police report. The Huffington Post has a link to a video showing Rep. Cleaver being spat on during the health care vote on March 28, 2010. The Washington Post’s account of what happened that day is typical of the horrific conduct by Tea Party members nationwide:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) issued a statement late Saturday saying that he was spit upon while walking to the Capitol to cast a vote, leading the Capitol Police to usher him into the building out of concern for his safety. Police detained the individual, who was then released because Cleaver declined to press charges.

[Rep.] Carson told reporters that protesters yelled “kill the bill,” then used a racial epithet to describe Carson and Lewis, who is a revered figure on both sides of the aisle.

According to observers, [Rep. Barney] Frank was confronted by about 100 protesters inside the Longworth House Office Building, where Democrats were huddling for another meeting about the legislation. Some targeted Frank with anti-gay epithets and urged him to vote against the bill.

Democratic leaders and their aides said they were outraged by the day’s behavior. “I have heard things today that I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to get off the back of the bus,” said House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the highest-ranking black official in Congress.

And Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a statement, “On the one hand, I am saddened that America’s debate on health care — which could have been a national conversation of substance and respect — has degenerated to the point of such anger and incivility. But on the other, I know that every step toward a more just America has aroused similar hate in its own time; and I know that John Lewis, a hero of the civil rights movement, has learned to wear the worst slurs as a badge of honor.”

“This is not the first time the congressman has been called the “n” word and certainly not the worst assault he has endured in his years fighting for equal rights for all Americans,” said Rotert, Cleaver’s spokesman. “That being said, he is disappointed that in the 21st century our national discourse has devolved to the point of name-calling and spitting.”

The incidents followed a noontime protest on the west side of the Capitol that drew several thousand people from around the country for a “Code Red” rally against the health-care bill. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) addressed the crowd.

I urge Christie to take some time and revisit his commentary if he is to redeem himself. Speaking in this way says much about the adjunct professor and political analyst. He just lost what little trust he may have had. I cringe to think that there may come a day when Christie fully joins the ranks of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and just blurts out all sorts of gibberish in support of a political party that has lost its heart and soul.

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