Did the Super Committee Fail or Succeed?

Here’s an interesting take on what just happened with the super committee’s failure; or not as this article suggests. The article, Super Committee has succeeded — it has not failed, is by CoffeeCat, Democratic Underground. Read the article and share your thoughts. Is CoffeeCat on to something?

Does anyone actually believe that this “Super Committee” was formed to make real change?Oh please.

Our elected leaders work for the corporations, not for us. Everything they do is for the express purpose of benefiting the corporations or getting themselves re-elected.

Does anyone wonder why this “Super Committee” was formed and was charged with crafting a plan of cuts/taxes–and why this duty wasn’t given to Congress as a whole? Why not just have votes on individual issues–such as rescinding the Bush tax cuts or cutting specific welfare programs?

The reason is this. There’s an election around the corner, and these charlatans and actors know that they haven’t been serving us. In fact, they know they’ve been serving the corporations and bungling nearly everything they touch. So, how do they get people to the polls to vote for them?

They whip up both sides into an angry lather–by having plenty of white-hot, divisive fodder directed at the opposing side.

Democrats will be enraged that the Bush tax cuts can’t be rescinded during a time of great economic crisis when the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Conversely, Republicans will argue that Democrats wouldn’t cut wasteful spending, during a time when the deficit is soaring and our nation is bankrupt.

Bingo. You’ve got your hate. Your fear. Your bashing. All directed at the “other side” which deflects from the truth–that our elected representatives work for the corporations–not us.

And guess what–all of those Congress Critters who were up for re-election are perfectly positioned to criticize and be enraged—because THEY WEREN’T ON THE SUPER COMMITTEE! THEY AREN’T TO BLAME! They can wax poetic about how government doesn’t work–and blah, blah, blah–as if they are not part of the problem–because, well geez, they weren’t on the Super Committee.

It’s almost magical!

Truth is–these bastards will never rescind the Bush tax cuts because the corporations and the rich won’t have it. Democrats and Republicans serve their corporate masters who won’t take a tax hike.
Another hard truth–both Republicans and Democrats don’t give one whit about “out of control spending” and the deficit. These same fools who have their hair on fire about the deficit also waged unnecessary, perennial war on the Middle each–which costs us trillions in defense  spending–with no end in sight. Give me a break on the “We must be fiscally responsible” baloney–when  you’re bankrupting our country with war; and also exorbitant tax breaks for wealthy corporations that PAY NOTHING while making billions in profits.

It’s a joke. It’s a shame. But guess what…it’s all for US! Because the only way these criminals in Congress can continue to serve their corporate masters and keep their power–is by playing Congressional dinner theater to us–by using anger and fear.

So, instead of the upcoming elections being about jobs (because they’ve done squat), or alternative energy (because they’ve done squat and serve the oil companies), or healthcare costs (because they’ve done squat because they are owned by the health-insurance magnates) or education (because they’ve done squat–except for declaring pizza a vegetable), or helping people who have had their homes illegally foreclosed upon (because they’ve done squat because the banks own them)—–they’ll simply throw up a partisan smokescreen of partisan nonsense.

Super Committee = Super Drama.

To our elected representatives, who are in on the big joke on the American people–the Super Committee’s pre-planned “failure” is indeed a success–because that failure is exactly as these liars and snake-oil salesman planned.

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  1. Hi, was just going through the google looking for good info and stumbled across your website. I am stunned at the design that you’ve on this site. It shows how you appreciate this subject.

  2. I suppose if I were good at self-promotion, I’d actually post a link to my blog post on the matter in response, but I won’t. The Super Committee was a joke, but I don’t think it was set up for failure. I think it was set up for the Democrats to cave in to the Republicans. One Democrat giving in would have delivered the goods for the Republicans and the money was on Max Baucus to do just that. He’s relatively conservative, represents a pretty conservative constituency and has done the corporate will before on health care reform. But he didn’t cave, and that’s a relative win. The Bush tax cuts will go away at the end of 2012. Medicare and Social Security have been spared, and DOD, CIA and other national security-related departments will share in the cuts. I credit OWS with having performed a bit of spinal insertion surgery on the Dems. It was not there when the decision to for the Super Committee was made and it added an element of support for the left.

  3. Pretty harsh for my tastes, but I am struggling to rebut a single assertion you made. Cuts through all the rhetoric.


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