Rove’s & Gillespie’s how to lie about Pres. O’s foreign policy success.

Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie

Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie clearly are deeply concerned over President Obama’s overall poll numbers rising. Their recent joint post on Foreign Policy is a “how to” guide for republicans to distort the President’s foreign policy success. I can’t think of anything more feeble and desperate than to muster an attack on President Obama’s stellar foreign policy performance as a way to win an election.

All this says is that neither Rove nor Gillespie have anything better to offer than how to formulate a good lie. And no amount of money from the Koch brothers or any super Pac to dress up and disguise their lies will cause most of us to believe what they say; no matter how often they repeat it.

As for repeating the same thing over and over to turn a lie into the truth, the largest age demographic in our country are older; me included. When we hear somebody constantly repeating themselves, we don’t think, “Gee, that must be true.” We think senility must be sinking in.

Our Collective Economic Success is not Fodder for Political Gain

Everybody, regardless of political preferences and including many in the GOP base, knows who got bin Laden and decimated al-Qaeda. People want work, the kind of good union jobs that Republicans are hell-bent on eliminating such as firemen, police officers, teachers, postal workers, i.e., good, middle class jobs. Rove, Gillespie and the GOP are taking those jobs away.

The President’s approval rating on how he’s handling the economy did take a hit in 2011 as noted by the Pew Research Center poll. (Of note, Congress took the biggest hit of all on everything. Their approval plummeted to historic lows and remains there.) Much of that was due to how the GOP dominated the conversation by spreading fear, bolstered by a sinister determination to destroy the economy just to make the President look bad; thanks in large part to the antics of the Roves and Gillespies of the Republican Party.

The response to the GOP’s attack on the economy, the middle class, unions, women, voting rights, the elderly and youth, coupled with a fierce determination to give to the rich at the expense of everyone else, is causing a growing number of Americans to turn a deaf ear to the GOP. People realize that its President Obama’s and his administration’s policies and ceaseless efforts that are at the core of what’s causing our economy to improve. Ask anyone in the auto industry, for starters.

Rove and Gillespie sound more like Santorum and Gingrich when they try to blame what’s happening in  Syria on President Obama. Like many people in the Arab world, Syrians want a better way of life than what their current regime is imposing on them; they want to self-govern. How’s that a bad thing? Just like the GOP messaging about the auto industry bailout being a bad thing, R and G try to make the Syrian situation look bad because of the President in same convoluted, incomprehensible way. Perhaps R and G should market their “How to Beat Obama” to the late night shows as a political spoof. Maybe if they’re lucky and their post is turned into a skit, they’ll get a cameo appearance.

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