Candidate for Sale. Willing to say anything to win.

It’s not personal; its just business, Romney style. So why is anyone surprised that Mitt Romney thinks Paul Ryan’s budget is anything but marvelous and grand? Ryan’s budget strips all the money from the rest of us and gives it to people like Romney. Why wouldn’t Romney be happy with it? Romney is so in love with Ryan’s plan, he can barely contain himself. He praises Ryan but says, “he’s not going to take Ann’s place. I’ll tell you that.” [….]

As for his campaign, he’s running that just like he ran Bain Capital, say what you need to the people in front of you to win. It matters not whether what you say is real. Everyone knows that the “real you” will emerge once you’re the nominee.

Then comes the general election and again, Romney will employ the same tactic, say what you need to say to win. Does Romney win? Heck, no! We’ve seen this movie before. Even Karl Rove’s antics can’t save Romney. The problem here is that the Republican strategy of repeat the same lie repeatedly, coupled with making statements that say your opponent’s strength is his or her weakness has played out. 

Frankly, I’m amazed that heavy funders like the Koch brothers eagerly invest millions of dollars into false advertisements and think tanks to rehash the tired old strategies of folks like Rove and others, thinking that the American people will be swayed by it. Maybe it’s because Romney is so comfortable saying anything. Maybe that’s what makes him the perfect GOP candidate.

Romney may be able to sell himself to his party, albeit a reluctant buyer, but he cannot sell himself to the rest of us. Romney isn’t a job creator; he’s a wealth creator for a few people at the expense of everyone else. That’s why he was so eager to let GM fall apart. He would have swooped in, striped GM bare and then sold it to a foreign company making a sweet killing for himself and few investors. Now image what he’ll do to the rest of us if we let him in the gate.

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