Rob Zerban and the race to unseat Paul Ryan.

I’ve been getting email updates from Rob Zerban for Congress. The name was unfamiliar so I kept deleting them. Then one day I asked myself who is this guy and why is he sending me emails? Rob Zerban (D) is running against Paul Ryan (R) in the race for Wisconsin’s first Congressional District seat and has a good chance of winning. That’s what I discovered after doing a Google search on Zerban’s campaign efforts.

I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t that be something; unseating the man who thinks the way to fix the economy (which is on the right track to full recovery, albeit slowly) is by starving it to death.” Of course, I ask the inevitable, “Can a Democrat win in Wisconsin, especially since Ryan raised over $6 million, beating out Zerban ten to one.

Thankfully, that isn’t stopping Zerban. He’s gaining notice and raising more money — March was his best month yet. In addition, when you factor in the unprecedented recall efforts by millions of Wisconsin voters to unseat Republican members of their legislature and their Republican governor, Zerban, in my opinion, has an excellent chance to win.

Here’s what Zerban said about Ryan’s latest budget manifesto:

In yet another misguided handout to Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, Congressman Paul Ryan today introduced his latest budget plan, designed to place the blame for his 14 years of poor decisions squarely on the backs of our hardworking families.

Continuing to choose the millionaires who fund his campaigns instead of the people of Wisconsin to whom he swore an oath to represent, Paul Ryan has once again shown that his Washington political priorities are grossly out-of-touch with our Wisconsin values.

From raising healthcare costs for our seniors by privatizing Medicare, to reducing Pell Grants and Stafford Loans for our students, Paul Ryan is single-handedly working to dismantle each and every program that people of all generations count on. Instead of a laser focus on creating jobs, he focused solely on removing safety nets for our most vulnerable populations.

I lived my version of the American Dream that Paul Ryan always talks about. I started two successful small businesses that turned a healthy profit that allowed me to retire early, while providing excellent benefits for my workers. I took care of my workers, they took care of me and together we took care of our customers. And I did this without the tax breaks, loopholes and schemes that Paul Ryan’s new budget creates for his Wall Street buddies and campaign funders. Instead, I was able to run these businesses because of the very investments in our people that Paul Ryan wants to take away from our children – Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. [full text]

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