Trump and racism: no way for Romney to run an election.

Donald Trump

I believe most of us like a good fight. Namely, we want to see two strong opposing teams pit their talent and expertise against each other’s record based on what’s real and not based on the worst of what humanity has to offer. Donald Trump’s birther nonsense and injection of race into the presidential campaign is insulting to us all. It belittles the highest office in this country and has no place in our political process. Moreover, it will do nothing to improve on the incredible successes we are gaining under President Obama. My friends at Color of Change are calling on Mitt Romney to run a meaningful campaign based on substance and truth. Read the petition to Romney, sign it and pass it on to everyone you know:

Donald Trump has re-ignited his racist smear campaign against President Obama. Once again, he’s touting the disproven theory that President Obama was not born in the United States.1

At the same time, he’s working to raise millions of dollars for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.2Despite Trump’s insistence on stoking racial fears, Romney is actively seeking his support, and the support of those that believe his conspiracy theories.

Mitt Romney is sending a clear message: he’s fine with his supporters launching racial attacks on President Obama. We can’t let this stand.

Please join us in publicly confronting Mitt Romney. Click here to sign your name to the following petition: “I demand that you stop working with Donald Trump, condemn his racial attacks on President Obama (including the birther conspiracy theory) and reject the use of race as a wedge issue in your campaign.”

Last night was a pivotal moment for Mitt Romney. While he and Trump held a series of events set to raise over $2.5 million dollars, Romney also secured the Republican nomination for President.3

Romney says that he wants to serve all Americans. Recently his campaign began an effort to reach out to African-American voters.4 During the Republican primaries, he worked at length to distinguish himself as the level-headed candidate. Romney’s embrace of Trump suggests that he wants to take a different path.

Romney won’t speak out against Trump’s race-baiting. When asked about Trump and the “birther” conspiracy theory, Romney failed to discredit Trump’s racial attacks — instead he made a vague statement that “I don’t agree with all the people who support me,” but that “I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.”5 Romney has decided to associate himself with Trump — and to seek the support of the people who believe Trump’s racist conspiracy theories. Romney is continuing to court Trump’s supporters — Romney is offering anyone who donates $3 to his campaign a chance to “Dine with The Donald.”

Trump’s racist attacks on President Obama are not new. First, Trump questioned President Obama’s birthplace; next it was whether Obama was smart enough to be in the Oval Office. All trustworthy news outlets have discredited the “birther” theory as blatantly false. But Trump continues to push the theory, saying “nothing’s changed my mind.”6

Trump may never change his mind — but Romney can take action now to distance himself from Trump and followers of the fringe “birther” movement.

It’s time to confront Mitt Romney and force him to make a choice: if he wants to represent all people as president, he needs to publicly reject the use race as a wedge issue in his campaign. If he continues standing with Trump, he’ll be making it clear that he wants his campaign to include racial attacks on President Obama.

Please join us — click here to send the following message to Mitt Romney: “I demand that you stop working with Donald Trump, condemn his racial attacks on President Obama (including the birther conspiracy theory) and reject the use of race as a wedge issue in your campaign.”


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