My Take on Wednesday Morning Blues

Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meet...

Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meet with Pres. Obama 11/2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott Walker Escapes the Grim Recall Reaper: I’ve been away for a couple of days and everything seems to have gone south. I was thoroughly disgusted to see Gov. Walker (R-WI) this morning on the morning news shows sharing how he and other right-wing conservatives are determined to “change the Constitution” to end the right of recall. Really. Perhaps Walker is fearful that he will not be able to buy back his seat next time. Or, perhaps his colleagues facing potentially similar circumstances, after gutting education, unions, attacking women and race-baiting, they too might be worried that the newly found cornucopia of special interest money will not be there for them. So they do what the GOP has become famous for; gut the law.

No Support for Equal Pay for Women from the GOP: Someone needs to send GOP leadership, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and a few others, a memo highlighting the century we are in.

Goodnight, Ray. Sleep Well: Ray Bradbury dies at age 91. Thank you for Fahrenheit 451 and a lot of other great stories especially the 1964 Worlds Fair Science Pavillion and the Walt Disney display. I still remember the tune that was sung by the real-life-like manikin, “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow …” I was a teenage guide at the fair.

Florida Voter Suppression: Gov. Rick Scott snubs his nose at U.S. Justice Dept. and federal law, vowing to continue to purge U.S. citizens off the voting registry to win for Republicans in November. This is awful. I’m listening to Florida Elections Commission supervisor, Ion Sancho, firmly state that he will not disobey federal law and will not purge voters in his district. That’s the kind of commitment that we need all over America. Hopefully, Sancho will be an example to other elections commission officers in Florida who will stand up for our precious right to vote.

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