Why is Sen. John Cornyn still in office?

John Cornyn

Sen. John Cornyn (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

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U. S. AG Eric Holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My question tonight is, “Why is Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) still in office?” He doesn’t do anything of value for his constituents or the American people. So why are we continuing to pay this man our hard-earned money. And now that the general election is close, he’s chosen to join his colleagues in blatant lies on any number of issues, including the obscene assault on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

We pay, through our taxes, $174,000 a year for this man to do nothing. And, we paid $1,705,675 in “total staff expenditures” covering the period of 10/2011 through 03/2012. Wouldn’t it be something to call Cornyn and his staff to come to the American people and defend their salaries and office expenses?

Cornyn would be outraged. Moreover, he would be appalled at being told he got paid to do nothing. No doubt, he would demand that everyone review his voting record, which you can do online on his website. But voting is easy these days. Vote “yes” for Republican bills and “no” for Democrat bills and vilify anything that’s even remotely connected to the President. The days of walking across the aisle and negotiating no longer exists.

In all fairness, I went online to Cornyn’s website and scrolled through legislation he had for this year and found not one jobs bill. Not one bill that proposed putting construction workers back to work on the roads and bridges that were once Texas’ pride and now have fallen in disrepair. As for the unemployed in Texas, the state has rebound from the recession. In August 2008, the rate was just over eight percent. In April 2012, it was 6.9 percent. (I guess President Obama’s policies are working in Texas even if Cornyn won’t give him credit for it.)

So what am I ranting about on a Tuesday night? Sen. Cornyn and the Republican Party need to take a step back and reassess what they’re doing. Calling out AG Holder in hopes of unseating him to “weaken” the President for the general election is not political gamesmanship, its borderline treason. To do such a thing based on lies is despicable is so many ways, I am almost at a loss for words.

It matters not that Cornyn is a Republican and Holder and the President are Democrats. What matters is that we the people have entrusted our elected officials to do right by each other and by us. We expect them to spend our money wisely and not waste it on a nauseating perpetual campaign that seems to never end. We expect the Attorney General to do his job and investigate potential wrong doing when it arises. We expect members of Congress to conduct themselves in a cordial, credible manner based on fact and not debase their office by engaging in lies and baseless attacks, costly hearings where they do no more than grandstand.

This isn’t a game. This is our lives Cornyn and his party are playing with. It’s time for Republicans to stop screwing around and do something that creates value in the lives of us all.

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