Senate kind to Dimon, mean to Holder. Double standard?

After the venom and vitriol the Senate GOP spewed at U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder when he appeared before them, we were expecting at least a tempered version to take place during the much talked about Senate Banking Committee investigation of JP Morgan Chase. Didn’t happen. When JPM CEO Jamie Dimon appeared before the Committee, he was treated like a “friend among friends.”

There was no public dressing-down, no sermonizing about bankers run amok, no fist-shaking, no “Have you no shame?” moment.

Instead, when JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon arrived for his much-hyped hearing before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday, he was treated, for the most part, like a friend among friends. He offered the requisite mea culpa, fielded mostly softball questions from a panel of senators who’ve taken thousands of dollars in contributions from his firm, and left a few hours later pretty much unscathed.

Apology issued, apology accepted. [….]

Could this be a double standard? Dimon is a Democrat and we’ll assume so is Holder. It’s no secret that Dimon is considered close to the White House:

Dimon is influential in the Obama White House with close ties to some there, including former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Dimon is one of three CEOs—along with Lloyd Blankfein and Vikram Pandit—said by the Associated Press to have liberal access to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Nonetheless, Dimon has often publicly disagreed with some of Obama’s policies.

On the May 15, 2012, episode of ABC’s The View, Obama responded to a question from Whoopi Goldberg regarding JP Morgan Chase’s recently publicized $2 billion trading losses by defending Dimon against allegations of irresponsibility, saying, “first of all, JP Morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. Jamie Dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we’ve got”, but added, “it’s going to be investigated.” [….]

Double standard? Not exactly. Holder’s office can’t give political donations to elected officials. I guess he could be kinder when it comes to investigating the GOP’s questionable activities, but he’s not. Instead, Holder is doing his job and rooting out the bad guys, even when its the Republican Party. That’s put a crimp in the GOP’s voter suppression tactics.

Holder is going after the GOP‘s illegal actions to commit voter fraud by purging citizens (through the used of flawed and inaccurate data) out of the system, coupled with repressive voter ID legislation; especially in key states. The voter ID legislation suppresses the right to vote for anyone of color, seniors, the disabled and students. Voter purging, such as what we see in Florida, appears to be targeting the Latino vote.

There’s a pattern emerging within the GOP that has come about with the rise of the Party’s extreme political base. Republicans don’t govern anymore; rather, they play a game of all or nothing, leaving no room for an open dialogue with others that seeks to create value for all constituents.

  • Women, the largest voting block, disagree with much of the new Republican agenda. Instead of working together to find common ground, the GOP launches a relentless attack against women on all levels that is unprecedented.
  • Public employee unions disagree with much of the new Republican agenda. Instead of seeking common ground, the GOP seeks to destroy all unions.
  • People of color, seniors, women, LGBT community, students disagree with much of the new Republican agenda and the response is to deny their right to vote, destroy Medicare, do away with the Department of Education and everything related to it, Pell grants and so much more. And Latinos are being targeted even more with the voter purge.

Anyone caught in the cross hairs is, well, caught in the cross hairs, such as the retired WWII veteran from Florida who was told the state had reason to believe he was not a citizen and, therefore, purged him off the voting list demanding him prove he is a citizen.

If you don’t agree with them or join their cause, they do everything they can to destroy you and everything related to you in every way. When you think about it, that’s how Mitt Romney does business. He might call it the survival of the fittest in a dog-eat-dog world. That’s no way to run a country.

There is also the use of bigotry and white privilege by the GOP to get their way. They’re not apologetic about it either. In the words of their biggest funders, Charles and David Koch, this is war and they must win by any means necessary. That got me to thinking. It’s clear USAG Holder doesn’t look like “one of the good old boys.” Maybe if he wasn’t African-American, the GOP wouldn’t be so mean towards him. So I came up with a visual aide for Republicans to use during their next encounter. Perhaps this visual aide will temper the GOP temper tantrums.

U.S. Attorney Gen. Holder Current official picture.

And now:

The New USAG Holder

Don’t get me wrong by posting a bit of dark humor on such a lovely morning. I have the greatest respect for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. I have, however, little tolerance and no respect for those who vilify him because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, because they see another African-American man in a high position with great authority and that doesn’t fit the role some in this country wish to see African-American men in. Mr. Holder should be treated with the same respect and cordiality as one would treat any other attorney general, congressperson or president. In their zeal to win an election, Republicans have forgotten their manners.

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