Consumers Union gets tough with animals on drugs

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Last night, I prepared a family favorite, meatballs and spaghetti with garlic bread, a tossed salad, wine for the older crew and juice for the young ones. Comfort food that sticks to your bones. I used to love to eat a juicy bacon-cheese burger with blue cheese or goat cheese, topped with red onion slices, a little mayo and a squirt or two of ketchup. I stopped because red meat can be bad for you; especially when the cow your burger came from is filled with all sorts of antibiotics, growth hormones and other drugs.

Why am I writing more about the same issue on the same day, because we shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for “organic” food. All food should be grown humanely and in a way that benefits the eater. Watch this video done by Fix Food.

The Consumers Union has a petition to put a stop to these additives in our food.

Antibiotics are pumped into cows, chickens and pigs so they can survive a life in cramped, filthy feedlots teeming with feces, bacteria and deadly microorganisms. That needs to change.

So today, Consumers Union is launching a nationwide campaign to reduce the use of antibiotics in food production. Since government has yet to take significant action, we’re starting where we can have the most impact – your neighborhood supermarket!

Tell Trader Joe’s grocery to lead the way in getting antibiotics out of our food!

Research shows that meat and poultry raised without antibiotics doesn’t need to be costly — only a few more pennies per pound. As more livestock producers change their ways, the more prices will come down for meat raised without drugs.

We’re looking to Trader Joe’s, one of the nation’s more progressive grocers, to commit to selling only meat raised without antibiotics. If we can get a large national chain such as Trader Joe’s to do this, it will put major pressure on livestock producers to stop feeding animals drugs – sparking change driven by you, not the government!

Trader Joe’s has shown concern for public health by refusing to sell products that have artificial colors, trans fats and that are genetically modified. Let’s get the grocer to take the next step by selling only meat raised without antibiotics – and promote a chain reaction that pushes other major grocery stores to follow suit! 

Send your message now. Grocery stores DO listen to what you want!

We can succeed if we get hundreds of thousands of consumers to weigh in. Please take action, and share this message with others through Facebook or by forwarding it. We’ll be back in touch soon with next steps in this important campaign.

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