Romney’s Campaign running out of “red meat” barbs.

Is the presidential campaign heating up for the GOP, or possibly getting uglier or what? What’s clear to everyone — including Mitt Romney’s campaign advisers who cooked up the most recent stew — is that Romney is trying to divert attention from his flawed past as a corporate take-over specialist along with evading paying his fare share of taxes on the millions he’s earned.

There’s nothing new in the latest attack ad by the Romney campaign. We all know about the stimulus funds that was awarded to Solyndra and the fact that the company didn’t do well; it went bankrupt. We also know how Republicans sifted thfrough the ashes to find something the President did wrong and they came up empty. In conclusion, the Solyndra story has been hung out, dried out, vetted out for every ounce of red meat substance that could possibly be squeezed out of it by Republicans already. Will it fly for yet another time around? Nope.

If American could whisper into the ears of Romney’s campaign advisers, here’s what I think they would say, “We have a short attention span and we’ve seen this story too many times already. Frankly, we’re quite numb over it. ”

The Presidents policies are working. The stimulus funds saved our economy. Ask anyone remotely connected to the auto industry. As for who accepted the funding, that’s like some misguided GOP governors who refused help to score political points at the expense of their state’s citizens, and Romney us trying to attack those who did accept funds as liberals and donors of the President, so the President did something bad. Really? Can I get a job with Romney’s campaign? All I have to do is rehash and redress old news and I’m good to go.

Whatever happened to talking about substantive issues?

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