Romney makes millions off of Sensata

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In the midst of all the commentary about Mitt Romney’s real departure date from Bain, Bain Capital is poised to  do what Mitt helped it do best; outsource American jobs overseas.

Bain is preparing to close Sensata Technologies, an auto-senser  business, in Freeport Ill and outsource the jobs to China. Sensata is also in Brazil, Europe, Japan, Malaysia and Korea. Factory workers at the Illinois’ plant are appealing to Romney to stop the closure and allow them to keep their jobs. And while Romney isn’t involved in Sensata outsourcing these jobs to China, he “owns millions of dollars worth of Bain funds that hold a controlling stake in the Massachusetts-based company.” [….]

This is why our economy and American workers cannot afford to have someone like Mitt Romney in the White House. At a time when every job in America counts, Romney stands to gain much from American jobs being outsourced to other countries, today. Not in 1999 or when he was actively working at Bain Capital. This also makes one speculate on what’s really in Romney’s tax records.

In addition, since Sensata Technologies is in the auto-senser business, one can’t help but speculate what Romney was really thinking when he stated we should have let the auto industry fail. Had we followed his advice that reeks of social Darwinism, Romney would have made millions and an American iconic industry would have died. Losing the auto industry would have been like losing baseball and apple pie.

To be clear, this isn’t class warfare aimed at pitting the poor against the ultra rich. This is about destroying the lives of hard-working Americans so that a few people can make billions while everyone else sits around the table hoping for a few scraps to fall, or trickle down.

And what do right-wing talk show hosts and GOP leadership do to try to divert our attention away from the truth about Romney spilling out? They attack the President with all sorts of statements that he is “un-American” and “killing the American Dream.” Really? Pres. Obama is the one who said let’s save the American dream for all those auto workers in Detroit and around our country. Romney is the one making hay off of sending American jobs overseas so that he and a few of his cronies can benefit from same. In contrast, how does one define that as being American? You can’t.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Jueseppi! Yes, the Sensata story would make for a nice ad — and with each passing day, this story’s wings continue to grow.

  2. Take a company, run it into bankruptcy, take away pensions of workers, fire workers, sell off company assets (to your buddies), sell off the company and gain a profit, hire overseas workers at low wages and no benefits and…wa-laaaa…this is how Romney “earns” his millions.

    He then takes those millions and spreads them around the world in bank accounts so he doesn’t have to pay US taxes.

    What would you call a guy like this? I’d call him the most evil type of criminal who has learned to use the laws for his greed and corruption at the expense of human lives and the country.

    And he wants to be President.

  3. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I wonder if he’ll make a campaign ad off this fiasco? Thank you Ground Up.

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