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Over the past few weeks, much has been said about the USA Olympic team’s committee’s decision to buy team uniforms (for the opening and closing ceremonies) that were made in China, which, sadly, is nothing new.

One would hope that when possible, apparel paid for by taxpayer dollars should be 100% “Made in the USA.” And if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that there is always an opportunity to take action by signing a virtual petition, or sending an email or making a phone call. Here it is.

U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown has introduced the Wear American Act. Tell Congress today — if the government is buying it, it should be Made in America!

Before you click the link above to help make a wrong thing right … There’s something else bothering me. Think about all the money we borrow, and owe, China. Doesn’t it feel really weird to borrow money from China, outsource our manufacturing jobs to China and then the government purchases the goods made in China from outsourcing our jobs? Huff Post’s Allan Uke wrote a great article yesterday wherein he said, “over 60% of manufactured goods sold in this country are now made abroad.” We’re giving our jobs away.

There’s an ancient proverb that says, roughly, the lion is king of beasts and the mightiest of all other animals. What will kill the lion is the parasite in its bowels. This is something Mitt Romney and others who made, and continue to make, massive fortunes by outsourcing American jobs to China and other countries should think long and hard about. We have passed the halfway mark, what with 60 percent of goods sold here are made abroad. If we continue to do this, we will kill our economy and destroy the American dream.

And while Romney and the GOP spend millions on false ads and strange accusations that have no basis in reality, let alone facts, we cannot afford to be distracted by their weirdness. We need to ask whether Mitt Romney’s assets are tied up in any way to the Olympic team uniforms having been outsourced to China in the first place and then purchased in the US. Is Romney making money from that deal? He outsourced the torch-bearer uniforms to Burma, of all places, when he headed up the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake.

It’s not a stretch to question whether a Bain company was or is involved in outsourcing the team uniforms and Romney benefiting from same. Remember the Sensata Technologies story wherein Romney owns 51 percent of the company through Bain and may stand to make money off of the Sensata plant closing in Freeport Ill by outsourcing the remaining jobs (to China)?

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. We won’t know without looking closely at Romney’s financial records like his tax returns, namely, the ones he refuses to show us.

As I’ve said before, Mitt Romney isn’t presidential material. His brand of economics is investing in BPO, business process outsourcing; a concept that has helped to propel China’s economy to become the largest in the world, as well as other countries. That’s great for China and those other countries, and great for Mitt Romney, but what about the rest of us?

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  1. john

    i think obama is president and the buck was spent by him not romney. how can you say romney is the bad guy, its the current president who is sending jobs overseas, the current president is the one that allows the out sourcing. obama could have done many things to brings jobs back he did not. romney only played by the rules the current president allows…

    • Thanks for the response, John. I don’t say anything I can’t back up with hard cold facts. I strongly urge you to look at the facts. At no time has President Obama sent American jobs overseas to any country. That’s simply not true and there is fact to back that up. In stark contrast, there is a boat load of facts that clearly show without a shadow of doubt that Mitt Romney not only sent thousands of jobs overseas; that’s his expertise and that’s how he’s made millions.

      What’s more, it’s still happening.

      Forget who’s in which political party. Look at the facts. Romney just isn’t presidential material. His leadership revolves around making money at the expense of others. And when he talks about foreign matters, he’s ready to spend more money and send our precious men and women in union into more wars. Coming from a family with over a century in military service, I’ve had enough of war.

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