Norquist got his wish doubled: Romney-Ryan Digit Plan

Yesterday, I blogged about Grover Norquist‘s comment at CPAC earlier this year when he said,”Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen.” Mitt Romney announced his VP pick, Paul Ryan, and Norquist got his wish doubled. Everyone knows that the Romney Ryan Digit Plan, i.e., Ryan’s budget proposal, if passed would gut the middle-class, seniors, women, the poor — everybody but the wealthiest two percent in this country.

I’ll bet Romney is hoping this announcement will ease the heat he’s getting for his Bain-ful gaffs and insults, here and abroad. I doubt it. In fact, despite the obscene amount of money Republicans are spending on ads in battleground states that are blatant lies about the President, Americans aren’t believing them. I received this email from Daily Kos today that clearly shows Obama is moving ahead:

Mitt Romney is a disaster for Republicans, the first GOP nominee in modern history to have higher negatives than positives. His every interaction with regular Americans (and heads of state, for that matter) has ended in an insult. He was a bully when he was younger, and he’s a bully now. Even conservatives don’t like him.

The numbers are starting to show this. Two different national polls released this week show President Obama ahead by 7 points. A third national poll—from Fox News!—puts Obama up by 9 points. Add up all the national polls, and Obama leads by almost six points. Further, swing state polls show him with 332 electoral votes compared to only 206 for Mitt Romney.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting in any way that we get comfortable. Now is the time to get out there and continue to spread truth, hope, a clear message and one that creates value in the lives of everyone. I’m talking about President Obama. The Obama/Biden team has what we need to move forward. The Romney/Ryan team would not just push us back to where we were at the end of 2008, it would be worse.

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  1. Many humble thanks for the links.
    By picking Ryan, Romney may will excite the ‘base’ enough to actually win the popular vote. But also by picking Ryan, defending the Ryan Budget will lose swing State votes.
    See 2000. President Obama wins the electoral vote (and big) but Romney wins the popular vote.
    That’s IF the trending continues and Team Obama runs against the Ryan Budget.
    You’re spot on on saying it’s NOT the time to get comfortable. In fact, the harder we work, we Liberals MAY be able to take back the House by having ALL Republicans defend the Ryan Budget that now tops their ticket.

    • Solid analysis. And we, liberals and independents and moderate Republicans, are going to pick at Ryan’s budget in every way. And couple that budget with Grover’s plan of diminishing the power of the presidency to a mere figure-head by filling up the House and Senate with his ilk. Not going to happen!

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Words matter.

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