Solving Romney’s lack of leadership and conservatism woes.

The Paul Ryan Plan.

There’s a host of blog posts and articles talking about who is Paul Ryan and what does he bring to the Romney/Ryan ticket, as well as whether this is a winning moment for Mitt Romney. Here’s my take:

Conservative Values: Strike “values” from this concept since the budget Ryan created and Romney endorsed crushes everyone except for about five percent of the population.

Far-right Extremist: Three Thumbs Up!

Leadership and Ability to Govern: Ryan’s most notable achievement (among the far-right) appears to be his notorious budget plan that Newt Gingrich characterized (for over a year until yesterday) as “right-wing social engineering.” Leadership and the ability to govern implies that you can work with everyone because you care about everyone and not just five percent of the population. Ryan’s budget proposes:

  • Trillions in budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires that will result in tax hikes on the middle class and increase the deficit
  • Deep cuts in education and other investments we need to grow, which would weaken the recovery and cost the economy jobs
  • Replace Medicare with a voucher system, potentially causing a catastrophic impact on the lives of the largest segment of our population, seniors, and others such as the disabled.
  • Demolish women’s healthcare and rights, downgrading our treatment of women to that of less developed nations and remote societies that have little contact with the civilized world of the twenty-first century
  • Demolish affordable healthcare for all, including small businesses, that would send our strengthening economy into a tail spin by shedding thousands of jobs in the fastest growing industry in our country

All Ryan brings to this ticket is the hope of energizing the Republican Party base to satisfy their extreme, far-right ideological needs and raising more money from folks like Charles and David Koch. Ryan’s budget merely puts down on paper the essence of all the right-wing, extremist ideas we’ve been subjected to for the past four years, all of which have as their basis to attack the President to win the next election. How’s that going to promote job growth, stop companies like Bain Capital from outsourcing good American jobs overseas?

Romney hasn’t changed. We still don’t have his tax returns, which is insulting to the American people. And what’s happening at Sensata Technologies, which is a part of Bain Capital and that Romney owns about 51 percent of? Are they still closing their Freeport Ill. plant and sending the remaining jobs there overseas?

Thankfully, we have President Obama whose policies focuses on creating value in the lives of everybody, who is actively and successfully addressing the economy and job growth. We can’t take our eye off the prize, making sure the President continues for the next four years. We’ve got to do all we can to keep him in office.

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