Romney/Ryan policies offers us equal opportunity enslavement

I agree with Vice Pres. Biden‘s comments yesterday about Romney’s vow to deregulate Wall Street and the impact of the rest of his policies on the American people. Biden’s remarks are spot on and supported by irrefutable facts. Moreover, he said what needs to be said — the truth — no apology required.

The policies and goals of the Romney/Ryan ticket would enslave all of us and not just African-Americans. Included in those “chains” are women by crushing our rights on every level (even family planning and contraception) and eliminating critical health services, and seniors by outsourcing Medicare and replacing it with a voucher, and our government by outsourcing it through privatization thereby eliminating thousands upon thousands of American jobs.

The truth about who’s angry and desperate

Romney’s and his supporters’ claim of outrage over Biden’s remarks yesterday are insulting. All we have heard from the Romney campaign and his supporters are lies about President Obama’s great achievements, wrapping those lies in fear, hate and bigotry to motivate the worse in human nature to win an election. That’s what “angry and desperate” really looks like. Equally insulting and appalling is the portrayal of anyone in the President’s administration who calls out such lies and speaks the truth about the flawed and failed policies a Romney/Ryan ticket would mean for the American people as being negative.

Romney did that on stage in front of a national audience after Biden rightfully spoke the truth about his policies. What should really concern us is how Romney did so with great ease and artfully feigned sincerity. We deserve better than someone who willingly lies to us, even when there is factual proof to refute their lies, and offers no policy, no proposal to create value in our lives.

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