Taxes! Where’s the Taxes!

It’s that kind of a day, to take action that is. And what better way that a click of a mouse or press enter on your keyboard. LeftAction has four ways you can take a stand on issues that are critical to all. Here’s how:

Take action!  1) Tell Mitt: “Release your taxes”;  2) Fight the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare;  3)  Tell Bobby Jindal: “Don’t teach nonsense as ‘science'”;  4) Tell Barack Obama and Joe Biden: “I stand with you”

1) Tell Mitt: “Release your taxes” 

Mitt Romney continues to refuse to release his tax returns, and the Obama campaign is hitting him hard. 

Please click here and support this new petition from the Obama campaign, telling Romney to stop hiding his returns.  Let’s drive the numbers sky high on this.

This has Romney on the defensive, big time (and rightfully so), so keep pushing it hard, and share the heck out of this.

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2Fight the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare

As Budget Committee Chairman, Rep. Paul Ryan pushed a budget so radical, it would end Medicare as we know it.  Mitt Romney cheered it on, saying that his own budget plan “shares the same core principles as Ryan’s impressive effort.”

And now Mitt Romney has raised the stakes dramatically by choosing Ryan as his running mate.

Take action today, fight the Romney-Ryan plan, and stand up for Medicare.

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3Tell Bobby Jindal:  “Don’t teach nonsense as ‘science'”

Write Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal today, and demand that Louisiana schools not be allowed to teach utter nonsense as science.

Under the state’s new voucher program, one of the most extensive in the nation, nearly $4 million in public funding will go to schools that teach or champion creationism as science. Many of these schools rely on textbooks that teach (alleged) “Bible-based facts” such as:

– The Loch Ness Monster is real
– Dinosaurs and humans “were definitely on the Earth at the same time”
– Scientific evidence for dragons has been found

Students will be taught this nonsense, and they will be taught it using public funding. Unless we put a stop to this.

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Tell Barack Obama & Joe Biden: “I stand with you”

Send a message to the Obama campaign, and tell Barack Obama & Joe Biden that you stand WITH them and AGAINST Romney & Ryan.

We don’t want to go back to the days of Bush, only more extreme. We want to move forward.

Send a message, tell Obama & Biden you stand with them, and… don’t let America get “Bush-whacked” again.

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