A vote for McMahon is a vote for the Romney-Ryan plan.

Wake up, Connecticut! A vote for Linda McMahon to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Senate is a vote for the go-back team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It’s a vote for someone who will stop at nothing to gut Medicare in a state that has a large older population like me. We’ve worked hard and paid into Medicare throughout our time in the work force. I’m not about to give up my Medicare and replace it with a Romney-Ryan voucher by sending McMahon to the U.S. Senate.

What I find remarkable is that in a blue state like Connecticut that is solidly supporting President Obama, a recent poll shows McMahon with a slight lead over Congressman Chris Murphy in the Senate race. How did that happen? Through campaign ads that lie. McMahon is running the same kind of campaign that Romney and Ryan are running; blanketing our state with ads that go beyond misleading us, they’re blatant lies. Murphy has and continues to work hard for us and has been at hearings “97 percent” of the time.

McMahon started out from humble beginnings and ended up making lots of money in the wrestling industry. On the surface, that sounds like someone who is living the American dream. Look beneath the surface and its a story about how McMahon made millions by exploiting and engaging in an industry riddled with drugs, suicide, overdosed victims, sex, violence and abusive treatment of women and much worse.

Look a little closer and you’ll discover that McMahon’s methodology is no different from that of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Romney exploited companies by gutting them and leaving behind thousands of workers without a job. McMahon exploited wrestlers, leaving behind a trail of broken lives, literally, to get to the top.

What should concern us deeply is how easily McMahon lies to us. Being gifted with trash talk and a lot of money to burn (including from far-right groups), however, will not fix our state’s or our country’s economy, and certainly not mine or your’s.

Whatever happened to voting for someone who has a proven track record and a workable plan to keep us moving forward? McMahon has a plan too, you can read all about it on the Romney-Ryan website. By casting a vote for Linda McMahon, we voters in Connecticut are crushing the efforts we make everyday to re-elect President Obama. Let’s not send President Obama back to the White House with Linda McMahon chained, excuse me, shackled to his ankle. Whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, we deserve better than this:

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