We can’t afford to trust Ted Cruz and Rand Paul


GOP Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul | AP Photos

Neither Senator Ted Cruz nor Rand Paul gets it. When it comes to budgets, a functioning government and the economy, nobody cares who you like (or claim not to trust for apparent political gain). All we care about is that lawmakers get the job done for the benefit of the American people and spare us their personal public ridicule of obstructionist grandstanding on valueless principles. 

As for trying to change the conference rules, Cruz and Paul are young and one would hope that they would learn from their seasoned colleagues while doing all they can to work together for the greater good. They don’t. Neither senator got elected just by the far right, i.e., Tea Party members of the Republican Party.

Cruz’s disparagement of both Party and senior members of that party are especially unseemly. What his words said is that he willingly took money and votes from Republicans and other conservatives, and with the first taste of power, he cuts off the hand that fed him — the hand that got him elected to go to Washington and use his youthful energy to “fix it” and not break it. Where’s the trust in that?

Moreover, as a freshman senator, who’s he learning from? Our mentors, our teachers are a critical element in life, especially when we are elected to serve on a national level. Cruz’ arrogance has so beguiled him, he appears to have no need to seek out a senior member in Congress to learn from.

Meanwhile, the grownups in the Senate are trying to work together and get a budget passed. That’s what we want. We want Congress fixed, not broken beyond recognition.

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  1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to 2014, they give me hope:0).

  2. Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to the GOP and and the surest warning sign of what will happen if the Republicans take the Senate in 2014. Cruz and Paul aren’t principled. They’re bomb-throwing extremists who have no respect for their colleagues and in Cruz’s case, actually holds them in contempt.

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    It takes intelligence & common sense to “get it.”. Neither of these “gentlemen” has either.

  5. These two are playing to the truly lunatic fringe, and will self destruct in due time. Remember Representative West from Florida? Thrown out after only one term for being looney-tunes. The RepubliCANTS are self destructing, and I’m willing to let them. Good post

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