Women’s Rights



Stop GOP efforts to block No-Cost Birth Control for all women.|There’s no let up by far right-wing groups and their war on women. Of late, its birth control. Go figure. Isn’t this a bit punitive? No abortion and now no birth control and certainly no free contraceptives. I find this more radical than no abortion; it harkens back to a time when the world was a little less civilized and a little more ignorant. 

Missouri Senate passes bill restricting late-term abortion |Reuters reports that the Missouri Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would put further restrictions on a women and late-term abortions for health reasons.” In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with their current law that allows an “abortion of a viable fetus to “preserve the life or health of the woman.”

Abbie Dorn, severely disabled giving birth to triplets, wins the right to spend time with her children |Court establishes visitation schedule and gives children’s father control over visits. Both sides claim victory in tentative ruling.| LA Times March 26, 2011. This is an amazing story and one that says this is why we need our court system; to protect our rights. Here’s a woman who ended up becoming a quadraplegic after giving birth to triplets. Her husband, who has since divorced her, was keeping their children from seeing or connecting with their mother. That’s awful! One person who commented on this story says it all in my opinion: “It doesn’t matter if she was in a coma, scared all over or burnt all over, she is still their mother and sufferd heavily for having them. It is her right and the right of her children to see her, know her and love her.Too many questions later for regret. The father will ultimately be happy about this arrangement when he hears his children in later years and the compassion they have towards life.”

Why are conservatives in such a snit about women?|The conservative and right-wing campaign against women is spiraling out of control. Lawmakers at the federal and state level seem to be determined to turn back the clock to a time before the suffrage movement was even thought of. Proposed legislation, if passed, would condone murder, allow women to die without proper care or treatment, deny basic health care that includes cancer screening and HIV testing and even criminalize miscarriages.

Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse Yourself | CREDO Action| A case challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform bill passed by Congress is headed to the Supreme Court, and Justice Clarence Thomas has a supreme ethical conflict.

Pitts HR358. Let Mother Die if Abortion is the only Remedy?|Instead of following President Obama’s lead by introducing and working together on legislation that continues to reduce the unemployment rate, continues to shore up the stock market , grow new jobs and small businesses, etc., the GOP continues to engage in culture wars for the sake of ideological sport.

Religiously Right or Deadly Wrong and Grossly Misguided | UPDATE: Live Action (the folks behind the bogus videos and lies about ACORN) is going after Planned Parenthood based on a libelous and shameful attack ad that pales in comparison to what they did to ACORN.

Anti-Choice Video on Planned Parenthood a Hoax | We’ve seen this movie before. Remember what the far right did to ACORN? Well, they are trying the very same tactics in order to defund and dismantle Planned Parenthood.

A Deeper Look at GOP H.R. 3 Redefining Rape |Today, I decided to see if I missed some reasonable, logical rationale that sponsors of HR3 have for raising it. I also wanted to find out whether there are any women supporters, who the Democrat supporters are and, in light of the recent Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act in Florida, what kind of impact could H.R. 3 potentially have in the judicial branch, namely the prosecution of alleged rapists, should it become law.

House GOP Res 3 Eliminates Health Coverage to Victims of Incest, Date Rape |House Resolution 3 proposes to redefine “rape” to only include “forcible rape” and rule out being drugged, children who are victims of statutory rape and many date rate scenarios.

House Majority Leader “March for Life” |January 22nd marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and hundreds of Americans braved the cold to participate in the “March for Life” rally held in Washington, D.C. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) released a statement in support of their effort taking the opportunity to rail against the health law.

Stop Abortion Coverage ban |Sen. Christopher Dodd has been a pro-choice champion, making sure that women – and not politicians – have the freedom and privacy to make personal decisions about reproductive health.

Before and After Roe |Before Roe, abortion back-alley clinics were commonplace; especially in low-income neighborhoods.  As many as 5,000 to 10,000 women and girls died each year because of criminalized abortions. This does not take into account the thousands who were left mutilated and/or unable to give birth. When anti-choice critics attacked Roe in 2008, Waldo L. Fielding, M.D. (retired gynecologist) wrote a compelling essay, “Repairing the Damage before Roe.” [NY Times 6/3/2008]

Senator Nelson Fudging the Line between Church and State |Senator Ben Nelson recently stated that he will not offer his amendment to the Senate health bill, which purports to add language similar to the Stupak-Pitts amendment of the House bill, until the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has had time to review and comment on it. Such an action is troubling on a number of levels.

Senators Hatch and Nelson Plan to Introduce Stupak Language Amendmen|Despite facts showing abortions in the US are at an all time low, Senators Hatch and Nelson plan to introduce an amendment to the Senate version of the health care bill that is virtually identical to that introduced in the House by Representatives Stupak and Pitts.  An amendment that would turn back the clocks to a time before the Roe v. Wade decision, leaving the vast majority of women and young girls at extreme risk.

NARAL Delivers 97,218 Petition Signatures to Sen. Reid re: Pro-Choice in Health Reform | Nancy Kenan (President of NARAL Pro-Choice America) delivered to Sen. Reid 97, 218 signatures on a petition urging him to stand firm against anti-choice attacks in the Senate health care bill.

Health Care Reform should not be a platform to Reargue Roe |Stupak’s Amendment sets out to re-argue Roe v. Wade and has nothing to do with health care reform.  Moreover, it creates a gap in coverage for women and young girls, leaving them without access to critical coverage at the greatest hour of need.

Health Care Bill with Abortion Amendment |“The members of Congress who voted in support of the Stupak amendment sent a message to America’s women: after more than 200 years we are still not full citizens of the United States.

NARAL Delivers 97,218 Petition Signatures to Sen. Reid re: Pro-Choice in Health Reform |Today, Nancy Kenan (President of NARAL Pro-Choice America) delivered to Sen. Reid 97, 218 signatures on a petition urging him to stand firm against anti-choice attacks in the Senate health care bill.

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