Culture Wars


Corporate Personhood and the Right to Lie to Us.|We have to keep on pushing forward and not let up on any front. Tell the GOP holdouts on a balanced budget cut approach as the President outlined last night is the way to go — everybody shares in cleaning up the mess! And don’t let up on the inquiry into News Corp in this country. Its time to get rid of the fre lunch program for the rich on powerful.


Murdoch apologizes but says he’s not responsible for illegal activity within News Corp.| The actions of the man who attempted to hit media mogul Rupert Murdoch with a foam pie were despicable. Equally despicable is Murdoch’s denial of any responsibility as to the phone hacking, the bribing of police and other illegal activities that have taken place in his business. Blaming the problems on others and then saying that he’s the best person to fix the problem is absurd.


Media Matters. Don’t let Rupert Murdoch escape the truth.|My friends at Media Matters need our signatures.One of the great things about our country is that no matter how powerful and influential you are, you are not above the law. No one knows that better today than Rupert Murdoch after the FBI launched an investigation into claims that reporters at News Corp. tried to hack into the phones of 9-11 victims’ families.


If Murdoch’s news group hacked Royals in UK, what’s his news group doing in US?|The wires are hot with the story unraveling in England over Rupert Murdoch’s British media group. As formal investigations are underway, it’s now suspected that the Royal Household email and cell phones have also been hacked. The question I have is if a news group in a country that is globally known for being number one in its security can somehow “break” that system, what’s to stop News Corporation (Fox News) from doing the same here in the US?


Fox News goes after Media Matters while Murdoch’s empire seems to implode|Fox News ratchets up its attacks against Media Matters to shut it down. Their recent attack is to demand the IRS revoke Media Matters tax-exempt status. No doubt, it’s trying to defund the progressive group.


Murdoch flies to London to close tabloid| [Video] Many see the scandal of personal phone and email hacking by Murdoch’s News of the World media group in the UK as a significant blow to Murdoch’s political clout. Could this be the beginning of the unraveling of an empire?


Supreme Court overturns ban on violent game rental and sale to minors.| The recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (California) finding a ban on the sale and rental of violent video games to minors unconstitutional is unsettling. This is especially true when taking into consideration the rise of bullying and violence among our youth spreading beyond “the Hood” and urban centers.


Think Progress reveals more on Harlan Crow and Justice Thomas|It should have come as no surprise that Common Cause (or even similar groups) would raise questions of whether Thomas had an appearance of conflict in the Citizens United ruling. Common Cause posted a petition on their web site calling for Thomas’ removal from the Court. As noted in the clip below, Common Cause took issue with benefits Thomas’ wife received and Thomas’ attendance at a political strategy and fundraising, closed-door event sponsored by Koch Industries,for starters. 

John Hagee Programming Could Replace Sesame Street on Orlando Public TV | John Hagee refers to Catholicism as a “Godless theology of hate.” He publicly attributed Hitler’s anti-Semitism to Hitler’s Catholic upbringing and has referred to the Catholic Church as “the Great Whore.” Hagee also claims that all Muslims have a “scriptural mandate to kill Christians and Jews.” He has called Jews “poisoned,” and “spiritually blind,” and claims that the Holocaust was punishment for Jewish “disobedience” and “rebellion.”

White House Releases President Obama’s Original Birth Certificate |The president released his birth certificate and will discuss the release on Wednesday. Hopefully this will put an end to the “birther” movement. Far-right wing conservatives even used this past weekend, the holiest time of the year among several religions, to promote their ridiculous claims.

When will we learn to love ourselves just as we are, including the color of our skin? |Payne tried to resist this kind of conditioning but at first was unsuccessful. As an honor student in high school, he recalled receiving a grade of 92 on a geometry exam. He noticed the grade of a white student next to him who got a 78 and automatically assumed that the teacher must have mixed up the papers. He really believed that there was no way he could get a higher grade than a white student.

The New Republican Right and the loss of Civility |Since Republicans have taken control of the US House, along with doing the same in some states, civility seems to have been tossed out the window. There’s no civility among the far-right. There’s no sense of hope; only gloom and doom. Its their way or the highway; an all or nothing tactic that is destroying previously amicable relationships between government and unions.

Boehner and the Cost of Culture Wars |House speaker John Boehner eagerly jumped head first on the culture war bandwagon about DOMA. He wants to go embroil the nation in litigation on this issue. I don’t know of any litigation — especially on this level — that is cheap.

GOP Turns Back the Clock 90 years: Guts Child Labor Laws |While we’re all glued to the news wondering whether in a matter of hours Republicans will succeed in shutting down the government, there’s another equally sinister GOP effort underfoot; the erosion of child labor laws.

Donald Trump is No Culture War Apprentice |While its still early in the game to be singling out a clear GOP nominee, Donald Trump is gaining momentum in recent polls. His strategy so far is to position himself as the leader of the birther movement to gain notoriety with the conservative base.

Departing Words for Glenn Beck I’ve been trying to find some way to properly express my thoughts about Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News. As I listened to political pundits and others on the subject, it became increasingly clear that this could really be it for Beck. Sadly, I was stumped for what to say. And then I realized that the best words for this occasion are Beck’s words.

Justice Clarence Thomas “I am the Court” | Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, wrote an excellent article about the issues of concern surrounding Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia. Turley puts it right when he correctly compares Thomas’ view that shows no distinction between himself and the court to that of Louis XIV who was famous for his saying “I am the State” affirming the same view-point.

The Flip Side of the Rising Cost of Milk. Breastfeeding.|Sarah Palin seems to be stuck on taking jabs at First Lady Michelle Obama (in addition to the President) when she can. Unfortunately for Palin, while her comments may keep her name in the news, they are unflattering to her, lack substance and are often incoherent. Palin’s latest jab, “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breastfeed your babies … the price of milk is so high,” could be a rare moment when her remarks actually hold a bit of truth; the price of milk is high and is getting higher.

Beck Gets Googled: Conspiracy Theory| [Video] A few blog posts back, I compared Glenn Beck to that of the character Howard Beale the Madman of the Airways from the movie, Network. Beck seems to be taking this character to a new level of madness as he encourages his viewers not to Google his conspiracy theories, while attacking Google.

Breitbart, conservatives depict the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign as government intrusion|I applaud the First Lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to encourage us to develop healthier lifestyles with her “Let’s Move” campaign. Unfortunately, there are some who see her program as government intrusion. It’s not a mandate, it’s a call to Americans to take responsibility for their health. That’s actually a conservative idea. Go figure.

Glenn Beck and “Network’s” Howard Beale cut from the same Cloth| “I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter.

The Battle over the Smithsonian and the Right’s New Culture Wars | M. Keegan PFAW|As the newly empowered House GOP gears up to start culture wars on issues from reproductive rights for women to religious freedom for American Muslims, there’s an important lesson to be learned from what happened this winter at the Smithsonian.

Cooper Reprimands Bachmann For ‘Flunking’ American History | [Video]

Jacobs: Birds Are Dying Because of DADT Repeal | Right Wing Watch | [Video]

House Majority Leader “March for Life” |January 22nd marks the 38th anniversary ofRoe v. Wade and hundreds of Americans braved the cold to participate in the “March for Life” rally held in Washington, D.C.

GOP’s Pledge to America Falls Short in 112th Congress |Despite their win of many new seats in Congress during the 2010 midterm elections, and their vows to respond to the “call of the people,” they have done nothing but put forth a bill to repeal a law that is saving American lives, stabilizing a flawed health care system through elimination of waste and smarter work procedures, and so much more — and all for the sake of scoring political points.

Reaching Across the Congressional Divide |While enjoying my morning routine, coffee — and Kombucha tea for a wicked cold — and listing to Morning Joe (while simultaneously surfacing other news outlets), I overheard several Democratic lawmakers (including Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), suggest that they should go “across the aisle” in a show of unity, civility, etc.

A Message To Sarah Palin from Media Matters CEO David Brock | [Video]

Sarah Palin’s Comments Defend Instead of Heal | Sarah Palin continues to fall short when it comes to acting in a way that creates value for herself and others as evidenced by her statement on the Arizona tragedy last week. In her eight minute statement, she says that

Arizonans Make Ready to Block Westboro Baptist Church Members from Protesting Funerals | It sends chills up my spine to think that in this great country of ours, after the horror of six people being gunned down and numerous others wounded, a group that tries to disguise itself as a gathering of worshipers decides to travel to Tucson for the sole purpose of protesting at the funerals scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment Remedies” Statement Is NOT Rhetoric! | [Video]

Should Apartment Dwellers Who Don’t Own Their Apartment Be Worried? | Here’s something to get our dander up. Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation founder, has come out and “defended his comments that the Founding Fathers’ original plan to only allow property owners to vote “makes a lot of sense” because “property owners have a little bit more of a vested interest in the community than non-property owners.”[….] He substantiates his belief on the premise that this is what the forefathers of our nation intended.

Is It Time to Toss the Sausage Out with the Sour Milk? |We all know that there is a process when you get to Washington called “let’s make a deal” or “sausage making.” Lawmakers get together behind closed doors and then start bartering with each other. We don’t necessarily like the thought of deal making in this way but that is how Washington works and has, for the most part, benefited us throughout history.

What’s Religion Got to do with It? |“I was not hiring a talk radio host; I was hiring a very brilliant political mind, someone that has been in South Florida politics for 20 plus years. But unfortunately the liberal left showed that I guess they are threatened and intimidated by me, and so they went into the attack dog mode, which is something that they did the entire time in our campaign.”

Ballots Versus Bullets? |UPDATE: Leading off in the video is Joyce Kaufman, a conservative talk show host in Miami FL. Kaufam, who carries a 357 Magnum gun, has become nationally famous from her comment that if “ballots don’t work, bullets will.” She was tapped to become chief of staff for Republican Congressman-elect Allen West.

Limbaugh Calls Dem Leaders Racist, Says Clyburn Should Chauffeur Pelosi |Once again, Rush Limbaugh goes beyond too far with his racist diatribe on national radio. Once again, Limbaugh portrays himself as a scurrilous creature of the night, spitting and spewing vicious racists epithets at society en mass.

Glenn Beck Calls One Nation Rally Participants Marxists and Socialists |Glenn Beck recently responded to the One Nation Working Together March tomorrow as a “bunch of Marxists and socialists who are committed to violence in order to realize socialism in this country. Clearly, this is not the case.

John Stewart on Republicans’ Pledge for America | [Video]

Gingrich: From Bigotry to Poster-Boy for Not Raising Retirement Age to 70 | Historically, Gingrich has made some highly contraversial remarks, displaying a propensity to sound like someone who has a lot of bigotry and lot of “issues” bottled up inside. He has expressed offensive and alarming opinions about women in combat, mothers who need assistance, claiming a lack of wealth for African-Americans is caused by their own habits; assailing bilingual education as “the language of living in a ghetto,” and more.

GOP in DC Continuing to Place a Strangle-Hold on the American People | I find it amazing that when people gather and talk politics, there is a great deal of chatter about the nasty things the GOP is doing to the President. We all need to sit back and look at this picture for what it really is. We need to take the President out of the equation for a moment and check out who is really getting hurt by the GOP.

Beck vs. Dr. King? It’s Time to Turn Off Fox News | In April, 1789, George Washington’s Inaugural speech inspired the nation with his pledge to protect the new nation’s “liberties and freedoms” under “a government instituted by themselves.” In 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s second Inaugural made a call for the nation to heal. On January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural speech was both a proclamation and call to action to the nation and the world.  On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered what has been called the most important speech in our nation’s history. And tomorrow, on the 47th anniversary of that speech we have Glen Beck?

Send Sarah Palin a Copy of the First Amendment, Fast! | It is clear from Palin’s recent statements defending Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s egregious on-air racial insensitivity and attacking the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ that Sarah Palin does not know the first thing about the First Amendment. More than likely she has never read it.Send her a copy of the First Amendment now.

Fox’s Race Baiting Like a Cancer is Spreading to CNN |FOX is up to its old race-baiting tricks. But this time, CNN is repeating FOX’s distortions and taking them mainstream. FOX is claiming that under President Obama, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is refusing to prosecute voting rights offenses when the victims are White and the perpetrators are Black.[1]It’s a bogus story based on the allegations of one former Republican DOJ attorney, and it sidesteps a mountain of facts.[2]

Color Of Change Tells Fox: “Fire John Stossel” | On Wednesday, Rand Paul, the GOP’s US Senate candidate for Kentucky repeated his claim that a central piece of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was wrong, and thatbusinesses should be free to discriminate against whomever they please.1Paul and his supporters don’t seem to care that without federal intervention, Black people might still be second-class citizens in many aspects of American life: where we eat, where we work, even where we live.

Newt Gingrich Finds Tea Party Tactics Irresistible | In 1995, Gingrich and the GOP house majority decided to slow the rate of spending by slowing down the budget process.  “Gingrich allowed previously approved appropriations to expire on schedule, thus allowing parts of the Federal government to shut down for lack of funds.” The impact of the message he was trying to send got lost in his ego.

McCain’t and Failin on the Road to Nowhere, Again. |They’re back!  McCain is trash talking the President as if he was on the campaign trail and Palin … well, Sarah is just being Sarah.Things are heating up with the former Republican presidential nominees.  Palin, while on vacation in Hawaii, caused a big stir by wearing a sun visor with the McCain/Palin campaign logo on it that had been scratched out with a black marker. Beneath the visor, Palin wore large sunglasses.

The Return of the Curse of Dick Cheney, Every Day | Every once in a while there comes along a person that 99.9 percent of the people wish would just go away.  Dick Cheney is one of those people.  The man is acting like he is possessed by the devil; but even the devil would be wary of cohabiting with the likes of what Cheney has become.

Race and Hate-Bait Outrage of the Week | Outrage Of The Week – Birther Ad: You just can’t make this stuff up. In 2007, Republican House Leader John Boehner called on Democratic Leaders to condemn “character assassinations.” But when the right-wing fringe’s ‘birther’ movement recently ran a disgusting full page ad using pictures of chimpanzees to question the origin of President Obama’s birth, Boehner’s response?Silence.

Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader of the White House | t is unprecedented that a former vice president would come out week after week, constantly on the attack of the new administration in a flimsy attempt to defend his own record.  Dick Cheney (and his daughter) have been relentless in their bashing of President Obama on every issue, and as often as possible.

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