The ‘public option’ in forefront of state’s health reform debate |The debate on the public option has not gone away. The question is will we be able to come up with something somewhere in the middle. or, at least something that will provide insurance coverage that small businesses can afford.

FDA Approves Drug to Combat Skin Cancer |KBOI News |On Friday, the FDA approved the drug Yervoy — touted as the first drug to extend the lives of people with skin cancer — after clinical studies showed an increase in survival of patients by an average of 10 months, close to four months longer than subjects who used an experimental vaccine. … The new drug, ipilimumab, is from Bristol-Myers, and its main function is to stimulate proteins on the immune cells that affect how the body responds to cancer.

Burden of out of pocket costs on Medicare beneficiaries Must Read | by The Center for Medicare Advocacy | As the GOP works eagerly and tirelessly to give unnecessary tax breaks to the ultra-rich that sends our deficit reeling, their solution to paying for these taxes cause is to place the burden on those who can least afford it. The Center’s Alert yesterday lays out what the effect these kinds of decisions will have on our seniors and the disabled who rely on Medicare to pay for necessary services.

HHS PR: States Can Apply for $200 Million to Help Fight Health Premium Increases| Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that nearly $200 million in new grant funds are now available to help States develop programs that will make health insurance premiums more transparent. The new funds would also give States the power to stop unreasonable premium increases from taking effect.

Obesity: OECD Report 3 out of 4 Americans Obese or Overweight by 2020|In advance of the World Health Summit held in Paris in October 2010, theOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [an international organization consisting of 34 member countries that addresses the economic, social and governance challenges member-countries face in a globalized economy] released a report, Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat, in September 2010

Center for Medicare Advocacy PR: Defunding Health Law Hurts Medicare Beneficiaries and their Families|“This amendment is not in the interest of Medicare, the current fiscal crisis, or families,” says Judith Stein, executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. “Defunding health care reform would endanger children who have pre-existing conditions, deprive uninsured young adults from coverage under their parents’ plans, limit Medicare coverage for preventive services, and end important consumer protections for Americans of all ages.”

GOP Double Standard: Keep their Government-Subsidized HC. Defund Everyone Else’s| Members of the US House and Senate also enjoy these benefits through their government-subsidized health care insurance.  Now that American citizens have similar benefits, the GOP wants to take them away by defunding the law; even if it means adding back to the deficit billions of dollars.

Healthcare Repeal Fails in the Senate | [Video]

Kentucky Hospitals Face $500M a Year in Costs for Uncompensated Care |While Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) rallies the Senate GOP to vote for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, he’s neglecting to share with folks in his home state just what the cost of his actions mean to them. Instead, “Republican members are trying to sneak grenades into the heart of the law, crafting modifications which they admit are meant to destroy it.[TPM]

Take Action Against Health Care Repeal |The Senate is poised to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act and thousands of folks across the nation are uniting together to stop this travesty.

A Deeper Look at GOP H.R. 3 Redefining Rape |The broad anti-abortion measure would restrict federally-assisted abortion coverage to cases of “forcible rape,” excluding in that definition instances where women are drugged and raped, where women say “no” but do not physically fight off the perpetrator, and various cases of date rape. It also excludes instances of statutory rape in which minors are impregnated by adults. The victim in all cases would be denied abortion coverage under Medicaid and forbidden from seeking health care tax benefits.

House GOP Res 3 Eliminates Health Coverage to Victims of Incest, Date Rape |The new Republican leadership in the House seem to be unclear about what it means to govern for the sake of the people. There was a roar and a clamor to “fix” Washington, cut spending, promote job and economic growth and more.

HCAN PR on Florida Decision |Health Care for America Now (HCAN), the nationwide coalition that led the successful fight for health reform, released the following statement from HCAN Executive Director Ethan Rome on U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling today in a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act:

Rep. Bachmann at her Best. Choosing Fact Over Fiction |Not Really! US Rep. Michele Bachmann shares her rationale for repealing the Affordable Care Act during a press conference on January 24th in her home district.

Health Care Repeal Impact on Ohio’s 8th District |“This analysis describes the impact of repeal of the Affordable Care Act in the 8th Congressional District of Ohio, which is represented by Rep. John A. Boehner.  It finds that repeal of the health reform law would have significant consequences in the district by:

What House GOP Members Are Not Saying About Repealing Health Care Law |What the GOP fails to do is to clearly state the impact of repeal on the American people; especially if they believe that repeal is in our best interest. Yesterday, Congressman Henry Waxman and Frank Pallone Jr. released an analysis of the impact of repeal, broken down by Congressional district. Here’s the impact to my district (CT-1):

Health Industry Investors Optimistic Over Affordable Care Act Impact on the Industry |As Republicans push forward on repealing health reform, planning the law’s demise, a different conversation is happening among thousands of health care investors gathered in San Francisco for this week’s J.P Morgan Health Care Conference: how to capitalize on health reform’s new business opportunities.

Health Care is a Right for All Americans | [Video]

Repeal Health Care: A Game of Chance with American Lives |[Video] The Affordable Care Act is saving this woman’s life but some Republicans want to repeal the Act.

Boehner and McConnell. Time to Practice What you Preach |For two years, GOP leaders in Congress have fought tooth and nail to oppose health care reform. They did their best to prevent tens of millions without coverage access to health insurance, decrying any effort to help citizens as “socialist,” “fascist” or some other equally baffling “ist.” And incredibly, they are now talking about repealing it.

Bold Progressives People-Powered Ad. Iowa Republican not so fired up by Sen. Grassely | [Video] Pull the plug on grandma.

Healthcare.Gov. Get the Facts and Not Fiction |The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has  launched in both English and Spanish. And it just got better! On October 1, valuable information about insurance pricing and benefits was added to the website.

Affordable Health Care Act. ITS WORKING! |Here’s the actual proof we’ve been waiting for. We are on the right track. We are on the road to recovery!

Foley. Repeal Affordable Health Care Act |Today, all across our nation, Americans are celebrating the sixth-month anniversary of the Affordable Health Care Act, glad to enjoy some significant changes that kicked in today. Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley and the rest of the GOP are not celebrating. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, claiming that Americans do not want it. Really.

Affordable Health Care Act | Substantial Benefits kick in 9/23/2010 |Thursday, September 23, 2010 – substantial protections for your family’s health insurance coverage become the law of the land.  Forget all the chatter out there – these are real improvements for our families.

No Child Born with HIV-AIDS by 2015 | You can Help | [Video] It’s heartbreaking to know that every day over 1,000 babies are born with HIV. It doesn’t need to be that way. We have the medicine and treatment to make sure that by 2015 no child will be born with HIV. But world leaders, including President Obama, are the key to meeting this goal.

GOTP Senators Seek to Critically Cut the Health Care Act |After a long, hard battle, and almost a century in the making, we have historic health reform legislation. It is not a perfect bill but the GOP in Washington continue to see health reform as the perfect storm to pick away at President Obama and his administration. How pitiful when, in fact, millions of people now have access to health care.

GOP to 9/11 Victims: Health Care, “No.” Hateful Ideology, “Yes.” |A few weeks ago, we all watched re-runs on every channel showing Congressman Weiner (D-NY) vehemently call out the GOP members of Congress for voting “no” on a bill that would provide much needed health care to 9/11 victims. This week, we all watch in amazement as GOP members trounce freedom of religion while simultaneously proclaiming their action is on behalf of the 9/11 victims!

GOTea Party Denies Health Coverage to 9/11 Victims. Where’s Our Outrage! | [Video] Just look at what the GOTea party did on the floor of the House yesterday. They denied, after nine long years, health care coverage to 9/11 victims. That’s beyond sad. That’s criminal.

Here’s How to Reduce the Deficit by $68 Billion |Rep. Lynn Woolsey, new president of Americans for Democratic Action, has introduced H.R. 5808 to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to establish a public health insurance option.

Medicare Donut Hole Rebate Checks began Arriving June 10 |Medicare beneficiaries who enter the prescription drug Donut Hole (known as the “Donut Hole”) anytime before the end 2010 should receive a one time $250 rebate check from Medicare.

PA Medicare Beneficiaries Settle Claims against Commonwealth to Pay Medicare Premiums | Lawyers in Philadelphia announced today the settlement of a lawsuit that will lower the cost of Medicare insurance and increase access to Medicare services and benefits for low-income senior citizens and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

Separating Fact from Fiction — FamiliesUSA’s Recent Reports on Health Care |Wondering what impact the new health laws will have in the first year — even the first 90 days — of its passage?  Got questions as to what the real deal is?

Center for Medicare Advocacy Releases 2nd Report on New Health Laws | The Center’s detailed reports provide us with clear and concise information on what, how and when these new laws impact recipients of Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid.  At a time when all we hear is noise, these reports are a welcome provider of facts and truth.

New Health Laws Impact on Medicare and Medicare Advantage |Instead of listening to nonsensical rhetoric called “Obamacare,” and death panels for our seasoned population, etc., learn the facts.

Tea Baggers and Insurance Companies are Ringing those Phones |I have been calling constituents in swing districts in NY and NJ. On several occasions I have heard that they are getting a lot of calls from Republicans, Tea Baggers and Insurance Companies. In one case, a woman told me that she got a real human caller with a push poll saying something to the effect of: “Did you know that this dangerous Healthcare Bill would…”

This week is IT for Healthcare |We hear it everywhere today: the rubber hits the road this week for Healthcare. What does this mean?If the House defeats the Senate Bill, the Healthcare Bill is effectively dead.

Call this weekend to change one House NO vote |Rep John Adler (D) of New Jersey voted against the original House Healthcare package. In statements as recently as this passed Sunday on FOXNews:

Congressman Courtney and Center for Medicare Advocacy Joint PR |On Monday, the Medicare Advisory Payment Commission (MedPAC) released its biannual report to Congress, which for the fifth consecutive year advised Congress to equalize reimbursements to Medicare Advantage plans with the traditional Medicare fee-for-service program.  These recommendations were incorporated in the House-passed health care reform bill, the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

The Public Option is a No-Brainer! | Senator Bernie Sanders stated on Thursday that the public option has 50 votes in the Senate.  [….] We all know that the public option passed in the House with a solid majority.  We are also well aware that the CBO has clearly stated that the public option would save the most money by far and reduce the deficit our country is facing.  Health insurance reform and the economy are inseparable.

Pass Obama’s Proposal Now | OK, the Healthcare Summit is done, and the Republicans have weighed in saying, “Start over.”  The pundits have spoken, and the spin machines are operating full throttle. It should be clear by now that we are not going to get any co-operation from the other side of the aisle.

Congressman Weiner Tells It Like It Is! |[Video]

My Letter from Anthem stating they are not sure I am covered … 6 days before my surgery|I am having a cervical fusion on March 1st. As if that is not stressful enough, I get this vague letter from ANTHEM today, 6 days before I am admitted. Here is what people are in for IF the do not get on board with INSURANCE REFORM for ALL.

22 Senators Support Public Option. Let’s Reconcile |Adam Green of  Progressive Change just announced on MSNBC’s Ed show on Monday, February 22nd that 22 senators now support a public option. In every state where a poll is taken, the public option has on average 55 to 60 percent support over any other health care reform plan. Join the fight for real health care reform.

Majority of Americans Want a Public Option. True or False? | About a week ago, house members Alan Grayson (D-FL), Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Jared Polis (D-CO) began an online petition/letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, calling for the passage of a public option using reconciliation.

Tell Congress to Pass Health Care Now | All you hear is the same old same old from the GOP, “No no no no no.” The Massachusetts election has emboldened the GOP to justify its determination to do nothing by trying to convince us that health care is dead. The answer to that is simple and one they should readily understand, “NO.”

Pass Health Care Now. If Connecticut can, so can America! | Connecticut’s capitol, Hartford, is known as the “insurance capitol of the world.”  If we can pass health reform in Connecticut, surely we can pass health reform for all of America.

Center for Medicare Advocacy Urges Passage of Senate Health Care Bill | Most of America believes that the Senate’s version of health care is t0o watered down.  Many of us are delighted to see former Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, get back into the picture and are happy to hear him state clearly, pass health care now.

Don’t be Fooled. The Fat Lady only stubbed her Toe. | Is health care reform over? Not even a little.  The power is still in the hands of the people.  If you feel like you have a lemon in your hand, make lemonade!  Some folks are doing just that with an effort to put the public option back on the table.

Health Reform Not Over – We Cannot Give Up | Things really haven’t changed for us — the “us” being people of faith who have poured our hearts and energies into a moral vision for our health care future. We’ve been saying that even though we are so close to health care reform there are no guarantees.

National Health Care Call-In Day | Add your voice to the national call-in day for health care reform today. Please call your U.S. representative now and urge him or her to vote for health care that will work for working families.

Free Health Clinic Comes to the Insurance Capitol of the World | On Wednesday, February 3, 2010, from 12:00 pm to 7:00 p.m., at the Convention Center in Hartford, CT, the National Association of Free Clinics will host Connecticut Communities Are Responding Everyday (C.A.R.E), a one day free medical clinic for the uninsured.

HEALTH CARE NEWSLETTERS | Featuring newsletters from Connecticut’s Interfaith Coalition for Universal Health Care, SustiNet and more.

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