Ohio State Employees Get Letter on SB5 just In Time for Opponents Petition to Repeal Canvass |Two days before opponents held their canvass, 57,520 state employees receive a letter from Department of Administrative Services Director Robert Blair highlighting key facts of the new law and extolling the new merit-based pay raise system. The letter appears to generalize some of the key facts, which has Democrats concerned saying the letter is misleading.

Gov. Snyder does away with Democracy in MichWhenever we see a law or public policy that affects people who the majority perceives to be on the edge of society, i.e., minorities, the impoverished and/or imprisoned, we should sit up and pay very careful attention. Why? These populations are often the testing ground for implementing policies and laws that erode our civil liberties.

Wisconsin to Palin. Go Home and Take Walker with You | [Video] For the duration of Sarah Palin’s speech in Wisconsin yesterday, thousands of protesters, who far outnumbered Tea Party and Republicans, made as much noise as they possibly could to drown out her speech. Did Palin actually believe that she could gain any traction in a state that brought out thousands upon thousands of American workers fighting for the American dream? 

Cincinnati Mayor Mallory Urges Gov. Kasich to Spend a Day in the Life of a City Worker Ohio Gov. John Kasich rams through Ohio’s legislature what some consider the worst law yet to attack middle-class families and says he did it to help the state’s big cities. “I can promise you that big-city mayors favor what I’m doing … They want this. They’re not going to tell you that, but they want this.”

Update: GOP Multitasking: Shutdown government, defund anything liberal and bust unions. | By now, we’ve all heard or read the news that on Tuesday, “the Obama administration rejected a short-term House Republican demand to cut $12 billion now in exchange for keeping the government open for one more week.” [….] Why? Because Republicans’ version of budget cuts is gut government and anything else that looks even remotely liberal. This is a culture war and, like union-busting, it has nothing to do with balancing a budget and protecting American citizens.

Nat’l Conf of State Legislatures track 744 Union-Busting Bills | This isn’t about budgets, its about the 2012 election and American workers/middle-class are the scape goat. While the President and his administration do all they can to promote job growth and shore up the economy, Republicans do all they can to crush American workers and the American dream.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Financial Martial Law on Poor Cities |It’s no wonder the GOP wants to defund wireless efforts across our country — then, we wouldn’t find out about and respond to their egregious acts on the local level as quickly as we do now. Here’s an item that somehow I let slip past my ever-watchful eye. Michigan’s new law that every sane person in this country should be concerned about — especially real Libertarians — its government over-reach at its worst and so much more.

OH Gov. Kasich will sign collective-bargaining bill Thursday night |The Toledo Blade reported earlier this afternoon that “Gov. John Kasich plans to … to sign into law a bill severely restricting the collective bargaining power of some 350,000 public employees in Ohio.”

Wisconsin Judge Reaffirms Collective Bargaining Law Restraining Order |Despite Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to defy the court’s order, Judge Maryann Sumi says her order is “crystal clear” that the law that severely limits Wisconsin public employees has not gone into effect yet as she is still reviewing it.

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Continues to Ignore Legislative Rules and a Court Order |Despite a court injunction on implementing the bill that would strip state and locals workers of most of their collective bargaining rights, on Saturday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had the state’s Legislative Reference Bureau publish the bill online. By doing so, Walker claims the bill is now “law” and announced his plans of carrying out the “law.”

Political Watchers: Publishing Collective Bargaining Law Could Damage GOP | WTAQ | Marquette professor Rick Esenberg said Friday’s move to have the Legislative Reference Bureau publish the bargaining law may have riled up the public unions and their liberal base just a week before the Supreme Court election. … Esenberg said it could hurt conservative Justice David Prosser in his re-election bid, while helping his opponent JoAnne Kloppenburg. If Prosser loses, the court loses its 4 to 3 conservative majority – presumably making it easier for opponents of the union restrictions to strike them down.

Wisc. Judge Blocks Controversial Union Law |Wisconsin Judge agrees that the final vote broke the law and has blocked passage at least for now. The battle is long from over. Collective bargaining, union busting and attempts at reducing the minimum wage in some states equals nothing more than GOP’s Waterloo.

Gov. Walker’s All-or-Nothing Style Political Folly? |The battle in Wisconsin seems to be coming to a head. It’s important to note at every opportunity that unions have already conceded to demands that will result in an 8 percent pay cut for the average worker. Walker and conservatives refuse to believe the unions. I believe they are making a big mistake in not taking the unions at their word. The “all or nothing” approach is beginning to swallow the conservative message in Wisconsin and the GOP governor along with it.

Republican War On Working Families | [Video]

American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires |[Video] GU VIDEO OF THE WEEK. Set to music and a rap you don’t want to miss. The message is clear. This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats, its the economy.

Is Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa Similar to our Own? |The conservative push to the far right in our country that is cultivating a growing gap between the rich and the poor is equally unsustainable. While I often write about that push using phrases such as “the GOP” or “conservatives” or “Republicans,” the line between parties and ideological issues is beginning to blur as people from all across the political spectrum lose their ability to maintain a stable, middle class life style. We saw this at mass pro-workers’ rights rallies this past weekend.

Rally For America Feb. 26, 2011 |[Video of Save the American Dream rallies around the country Feb. 26]

Pro-Union Rallies in 50 States | Cold, raining, freezing temperatures, nothing stopped people all across the country coming out in support of what has turned into a fight for the constitutional right of free speech, of self-determination to organize and select a representative.

Is Gov. Walker Poster-boy material for GOP or another Palin bomb? |There’s a bump in the road for Republicans with the fight they have chosen and the champion they picked as their poster-boy. Neither adds up to true conservative values; especially when the union has met the demands of give-backs allowing Walker to balance the state’s budget.

OH Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law |A friend of mine who is a teacher in Ohio sent me and a group of teachers a summary of Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 which, clearly kills unions.

CT Gov. Malloy Joins Union Rally at the State’s Capital | On February 23, 2011, over 500 Connecticut workers came out to a rally at the state’s Capital to show their solidarity with Wisconsin unions and workers everywhere.

IN AG Dismisses Deputy for “Live ammunition” Tweets Against Protesters | Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has dismissed a deputy, Jeff Cox, for posting inappropriate comments online critical of the labor union protesters in Wisconsin. … Cox sent out a message on his Twitter account saying that police should “use live ammunition” against the protesters.

This is what solidarity sounds like| [Video]

Will Eliminating Unions and Collective Bargaining Rectify States’ Budget Shortfalls? |After proposing to gut government agencies and programs at the federal level, the GOP turns its attention to the local level. On the chopping block, unions. Will that ease or rectify state’s budget falls? No. And despite bills cropping up in state legislatures seeking to either limit or eliminate collective bargaining, everyone knows that this is not about the budget, its about the GOP winning the White House in 2012.

Wis. Democrats Could Stay Away for Weeks |[Video] The Governor’s determination to unilaterally take away state employees right to collective bargaining has no place in our democracy. We cannot allow this to happen in Wisconsin. This is only the beginning and we have to stand firm and in solidarity.

30,000 and Growing. Wisconsin Says No to Union Busting |Instead of sitting down with union leaders and discuss the budget shortfalls the state is facing, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker (R) proposes to strangle workers’ rights by eliminating the right for cops, firefighters, teachers, or any other government employee to let their union negotiate their pay and benefits through collective bargaining. That’s not budget negotiations, that’s union busting.

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